School’s out for the Summer

Saturday, June 30, 2018

I’ve always been a morning person. Up usually by 630, making my hot cup of coffee and sitting down to drink it before the kids are up is my favorite. Although Lucas is usually up with me, so he’s usually in the picture with me running around causing chaos bright and early.

The second best thing to drinking a hot cup of coffee bright and early is not having to get Emily out the door for school. Let’s not even mention getting her out the door during the winter or when it’s raining. So yay for Summer!! We just finished her first full week of Summer and we had a blast, every single day. 

On Monday, we visited the Franklin Park Zoo  we have a membership, so this is something we will do at least once a week this Summer. Especially with the new activities they have recently added. There are places to eat, but we packed both snacks and lunch, only purchasing Dippin Dots, because duh! 

Tuesday, we headed to the Artesani Splash Pad and park. So much fun! Lucas loved running into the water sprinklers and Emily enjoyed the swings. Thy also have a small pool and the ice cream truck came. We skipped the ice cream this time because Lucas isn’t a fan and Emily was full from the snacks I packed her. Definitely pack snacks and possibly a lunch! 

On Tuesday to Wednesday, Emily had a sleepover with my cousins. So Wednesday morning we headed to Salem Willows. We did the arcades and bumper cars and had a picnic by the water and later got ice cream from the Dairy Palace! 

Thursday, Emily was down to one of my cousins for a play date but we met with other cousins for more arcade fun at Bonkers! We ordered pizza and fries and I enjoyed some adult company! 

Yesterday, Emily was with her mom, so it was just Lucas and I. We had a slow morning, I had my hot cup of coffee, caught up laundry and we headed out to the beach! It was a hot day! 

Today, it’s still Lucas and I, dad is working this morning. We’re looking forward to the lake on the boat! 

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Hope you’re having a wonderful end of the week! 

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