Lucas’ first donut

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The other day (more like right before Valentine’s, but his was saved in my drafts and I still wanted to share, so...)  we went to the mall to make a return and let Lucas run around, perfect for right before lunch and nap! At said mall, Lucas had his first donut! The most sugary treat he’s had I’m sure, and he loved every single bite. 

We absolutely had to get a Valentine’s Day themed donut, this one is Dunkin’ Donuts’ Cupid’s Choice! 

We are very lucky and thankful that Lucas really enjoys eating, and loves fruits & veggies. A little treat once in a while shouldn’t be a big deal if he eats well, right? Right! 

A whole post just to share Lucas’ first donut!
What team are you on? Team treats once in a while, team treats all the time, or Team treats who? 

Happy Weekend! 

Xo Veronica 

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