February School Vacation

Friday, February 23, 2018

What a week it has been, I’ve never seen more piled up laundry than this week! There are clothes in the dryer, clothes in the washer, clothes everywhere (real mom life). We’ve been out and about the whole week and Emily has had a THREE night sleepover with my cousin.

Needless to say she has had a blast and Lucas has been able to tag along and run beside the big kids! 

Today, I’m sharing some of the fun we’ve been up to this week! 

On Monday, Jose had the day off so we went out for breakfast to one of our new favorite places Iron Works. After we bundled up and headed to the Stone Zoo, mostly so Lucas could see his favorite animal the bear!  Shortly after we spent a few hours at Bonkers, and Lucas took his nap in the car! We were there for so long we had a late lunch at Friendlys! On the way home I picked up a hot latte from Dunks and headed home to unwind with the movie Coco (I slept through). 

Tuesday, Jose had to go back to work so it was just Emily, Lucas and I. We kept it simple but fun and headed out to the Children’s Museum in Boston! We drove in and got lucky with a meter parking spot! Beats the $20 you usually have to spend at a parking garage! We had lunch at the museum and headed home  to make a lasagna for dinner. After dinner, Emily and I went to pick up my cousin for what I thought would be a one night sleepover. 

Wednesday, I made pancakes for the girls and Lucas then headed into Boston via train! What a beautiful day! It was nearly 80* and it was just what we needed after so many weeks of Winter. We got off at State street and walked over to Faneuil Hall for some lunch! We had pizza while people watching outside, one of Lucas’ favorite activities. After lunch we headed over to the Holocaust Memorial where the girls got a chance to learn a little bit of history. They were very interested because they are starting to learn a lot at school about different topics. We also went to the Old South Meetinghouse museum for a tour and scavenger hunt which the girls were also very interested in. Before heading back to the T (which by the way smelled horribly this day, more than other days) we went into Primark and Old Navy for some shopping. Lots of walking today! We went home, had Chicken Burrito Bowls and after dinner went for a family walk to the park nearby our house. 

Thursday, I had plans to pick up my goddaughter to take her, Emily and Lucas to Celebration Kingdom with my sister in law and her kids. Before we did that we headed to the nail salon (I’ve been going to Fancy Fingers since the age of 14) for some pampering. The girls got a mani and I got a very relaxing pedicure! I grabbed a hot latte from Dunks before heading to pick up my goddaughter from school and had so much fun at Celebration Kingdom with all of the girls! We made our way back home and I was going to drop off my cousin but they asked for another sleepover and here we are Friday morning with sleepover number 3 under our belts! 

For Friday, I had initially planned on staying home and getting laundry done but it was the last day of school vacation (besides Saturday and Sunday) and we went out for breakfast and hit Barnes and Noble for some reading. Lucas loves playing with the train table! I also took adavantage that I still had my little cousin with me while Emily spent time with her mom and new baby sister, and got my eyebrows done at the mall. No mall trip is complete without a few rides on the Mary go round! 

What are your favorite school vacation activities? 

It’s Saturday now and I’m getting things done, I’m hoping to get a workout in as well! Vacations are so fun for both the kids and moms, mostly for the kids! 

Xo Veronica 

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