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Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy New Year! I’m craving routine after the Holiday season but with snow, and days off from school we haven’t had a normal week yet. Looks like we’re getting some more snow next week, and if you’ve seen the news or are from the Boston area, you’d know, we got plenty yesterday!
I’m not much of a resolutions kind of person anymore, as I feel like I’m always looking to improve myself in all aspects. However, I have some goals for my blog and our vlog channel (sharing some more personal goals at the end). 

Since having my son Lucas I feel like the blog, social media and any type of “personal” time went out the window. There’s just nothing more important for me than quality time with him. 

With that said, he’s almost 17 months now, we have closed the door on breastfeeding at 16 months and we are finally getting a little more sleep. Not a full nights sleep, but he’s only waking once and sleeping the rest of the night (most nights anyway). 

So, I have the itch to write more here on my blog and create more videos for our family channel on YouTube. I uploaded one of my favorite videos to date on Monday, One Second Everyday in 2017  I used the One Second Everyday app. It captures our whole year with one second clips I took each day of the year! You could literally see Lucas go from a four month old baby to a walking and very active toddler. I also uploaded our New Years Eve weekend video on Thursday, so I am sticking to that upload schedule and see how it goes.

For the blog, I am going to set a goal of uploading anything I want on Friday’s. I have no specifics, but I’m leaning more towards anything going on in my mind. 

There it is, on the internet... Mondays and Thursday’s there will be a new video on our channel, and on Friday’s you’ll see a new blog post here from yours truly! 

If you just can’t wait and want to see more of us, find me on Instagram I’ve been loving the insta stories and highlighting my favorites!

A few more of my goals for the next few months: 
•Start reading again, like a real book, for fun 
•Meal prep weekly for my family 
•Put the phone down more from 5pm until the kids go to bed 
•Paint my nails more often, and make more “me” time 
•As well as more me time, find a balance for more quality time with my husband 
•Organize our home, get rid of things we don’t use anymore and make smarter future purchases

What are some of your resolutions or goals? 

Xo Veronica

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