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Friday, January 26, 2018

It never stops amazing me... I have a son, I am a mom. I am responsible for him, I am his role model, and I feel so blessed to have him. I love teaching him new things, and I love when he shows me he’s actually learning.

As a former teacher and nanny, I have this passion inside of me to teach and nurture. It is so important for me to always make sure I’m giving him my best. Reading to him, taking him out to explore, playing with others, learning how to share and making age appropriate crafts are some of our favorite things to do. 

Last weekend Jose and I took Lucas to the Children’s Museum. He’s been a few times already but I feel like every time we go it’s like he’s never been because as he gets older he’s doing new things and exploring things differently. 

We didn’t take many pictures but we sure had fun watching Lucas run around exploring the museum! We had lunch before we headed out and then enjoyed the Boston views for a bit before heading home for a nap. 

Did you catch yesterday’s video? It’s a quick school morning routine

Happy weekend! 

XO Veronica 

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