Baby not sleeping through the night...

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Last night was tough... I am trying to cut one of Lucas' feeding sessions (yes, he nurses a few times at night) and it's not going so well. To be honest, it doesn't bother me that he's not sleeping through the night like other babies his age. Yes, more sleep would be nice, but I'll never get this time back with him. So, I haven't made it a priority to "sleep train" him. 

Working with so many babies in the past has helped me really understand that not all babies are the same. They are so different and require/need different things/schedules. I thought my baby was going to be an awesome sleeper at night. It turns out, he's obsessed with nursing. It's comforting for him, and as long as I have milk and he's under a certain age (hopefully he's not 2 and breastfeeding), he'll have that comfort. 

With that said, his 1st birthday is coming up and I've been thinking about getting him to sleep through one of his feedings. Last night didn't go smoothly and let's just say I'm exhausted. For a second I started to think "I should have sleep trained him earlier", " I should have this or that"... Then I went on Instagram as he looked through some of his books and saw a post from Jessie. It was about Jordan and a mother's worst nightmare. You'll have to read it on her page, because I just can't type those words out. 

The point of this post- I'm doing what is right for my baby, and myself. I don't feel bad that he's not sleeping through the night, I don't feel bad he still nurses, he loves me and finds comfort in me. This time we will never get again.. Sometimes you just need a little perspective. Even though we had a bad night, it won't be like this forever. 

Whatever you are going through, it's going to get better. As little as it may seem or as big as it may seem. Better times will come. Hold on to your baby a little tighter today, and everyday. 

Xo Veronica 


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