I'm Rich.

Monday, March 27, 2017

These are the days, they say. My grandmother always says "estas rica" it means "you're rich" to moms who have young kids.

I never really got it until now that I have my Lucas! She means, we're rich in love, he wants to be held, you know exactly what he's doing, who he's with... one day, they grow up and they want to be on their own and eventually they do go out on their own... woah! That's scary to think about. 

Lucas is watching us all of the time now, and he's learning, I can see it. One specific example is when he sees me getting toys from the drawer under his crib, he's seen me pull it open and get the toys so many times now. He now does this on his own! It's amazing until he jams his fingers trying to close it back. 

He's also doing things, we call them mañas, these aren't necessarily good things haha! For the past week or so he's been spitting at us. We are thinking the vibration he makes with his lips while spitting might help him soothe his teething pains. Not sure though. Look at that face, I thank God for my healthy and happy baby everyday.

There's a new vlog on our channel, it's a chatty one! How was your weekend? What's new? Today, I'm linking up for Weekending with Biana! Happy Monday!! 



  1. I love the meaning of that phrase! I feel the same way since I had my little girl!

  2. Could he be any cuter?! And yes these are definitely the days, I'm trying to soak up each and every one <3
    Green Fashionista


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