Super Bowl Weekend

Monday, February 6, 2017

Oh Super Bowl LI! You did not disappoint!
Lucas' first super bowl was nothing less than a nail biting game! He of course took a snooze or two during the game, but when he went down for what should have been his bed time, he surprised us all and woke up in time to see the Pats make a comeback and win the SuperBowl! Obviously we are all Pats fans over here.

Before the game we headed to the South Shore Mall for some shopping and it was a sea of Patriots fans all over. We got some yummy mall food and I got a great deal at Gap-buy one get one pair of jeans! What? I was a little worried about trying on jeans after pregnancy belly, but I couldn't pass up the deal. Let's just say I have a little to work on but I'm excited about my new high rise skinny's! 

Let's all cheer for my first blog post this year! I'm hoping it won't be a while until my next! We've been vlogging a ton, it would make us so happy if you subscribed and liked our latest vlog! We also have a super cool 1SecondEveryday (it's literally 33 seconds long) video if you're in a rush! It's also my first time linking up with Biana for Weekending this year!! 

Xo Veronica 


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