Food Before One is Just For Fun

Thursday, February 16, 2017

With Lucas turning six months, I'm feeling more confident giving him more fresh foods to try! I'm not pushing him to eat as he is still nursing and that is and will hopefully continue to be his primary source of food.
You know the saying, "food before one is just for fun"! We video'd him trying broccoli, apples, banana and oranges!

He of course gags every so often and that is normal for babies who are learning how to eat foods. The different textures in foods is hard for them to understand, but it's a matter of time and consistency. They will eventually learn how to move the food around and swallow. My goal (I'm sure every moms goal) is for him to really enjoy eating vegetables! So far his favorite is sweet potato (baked, just like his daddy). 

What are your kiddos eating or what foods did they first eat? Let me know! 

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Xo Veronica 

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