Lucas Is Six Months

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy 6 months to my little guy! He is getting so active these days! He wants everything in his mouth and is not afraid to take it! We had his appointment today
and he is 26.5in and weighs 17.10lbs! My big guy! He got 3 shots and was not happy about it, but it was nothing the boob couldn't fix. Speaking of boob, he still loves it very much and drinks so much. He's also trying fresh food (aside from some puréed) which is exciting for us, especially for daddy! We think he's  said dada, actually were pretty sure he said dada several times! Music to our ears! He looks like he wants to go so badly but he's not quite ready to crawl yet. He has TWO teeth. Daddy calls them little grains of rice! He loves when we sing "La Linda Manita" and learned to move his hand with us! He's just the most perfect little boy! 

Mami loves you Lucas! 

Xo Veronica 


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  2. He is absolutely adorable! I love watching him everyday on your snaps. You've been blessed with a perfect little boy!

    Hope //

  3. I can't believe he's already six months! He's the cutest!


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