My Last Day Before Baby

Thursday, July 7, 2016

I made it, woohoo! I knew this day would come and I couldn't help but feel nervous. It's a bittersweet feeling today! Follow on snapchat for last day snaps-vero_var. 

It's my last day of working with my kiddos. I started working with them when they were 3.5 months old. They'll be 2 years old in August! It's been such a pleasure to see them grow and help them grow. 

But I'm ready. Ready to nest, and wait for you Lucas! Doctor said at my last appointment that if he were to come now they wouldn't stop me and he'd be ok. They obviously want him to wait longer but it'll be ok. That's insane. How did I get to this phase of pregnancy!? He will be here in a matter of weeks! 

A big thank you to Jose for repeatedly telling me to stop working whenever I felt too tired or I felt I couldn't go anymore. Also, for being supportive these past few nights with the tossing and turning. I've had a super good preganncy, but the last few days, maybe week or so, it's been harder to get comfortable at night with the growing belly.

The best part of working for amazing families has always been keeping in touch with them and seeing the kids grow and see how smart and amazing they continue to be! 

For the past 10+ years I have cared, nurtured and taught other people's children and I have loved every second of it. Lucas, I can not wait to do the same and more for you my sweet boy! I love you! 

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  1. sweet post..thanks for sharing

  2. Congratulations girl!! So excited for you and the adventure that awaits!! xo, biana -

  3. So exciting! Now take it easy for a bit ;)


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