Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy Birthday mami! Fifty years looks fabulous on you! 

Whenever I am with my mom people think we are sisters. That's great for her, not so good for me haha. Here she is, carrying her favorite daughter a little after I was born in Puerto Rico. Yes, that gorgeous little baby is me, and that is my momma. 

She's fifty today, and so is her brother, my uncle and god father. Shes a twin! I don't think they look alike much, but it's true, they are twins. I remember being little and wishing I had a twin, or a sister at that. My mom had four children, (four adults now). I am the only girl and I wished so badly I had an older sister, my older brother liked to dress up as a girl for Halloween and school dress up days, but that wasn't the same.

 Any who, back to my mom....

She was strong enough to push us all to do our best, to be independent, to work hard for what we wanted out of life. She has taught us life lessons that I am so grateful for today. I sit and think of the few times I wasn't so good (I was her best behaved child), and the way you carried yourself, how you dealt with certain situations. If I am at all a kind person today, a good person, it's because of you mom.

She's been lucky enough to see two of her children go off to the military, and come home safely.

My mom. Words will never be enough to show you or explain to you how much we appreciate you. No hay tesoro en el mundo que reconozca todo lo que as dado por mi. Amor has sembrado, amor has cosechado. I love you mom, cheers to 50 more.


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  1. Awe, sounds like an awesome mom. Y'alls resemblance is uncanny! Twins!

  2. Happiest of birthday's to your mom!! Seeing her in all your snaps it's clear you both are very close! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Happy, happy, birthday to your mama!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother, how neat that she's a twin <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. aww happy birthday to your beautiful mom! I loved seeing all the snaps from you guys celebrating with her!


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