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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Life lately is pretty busy. I have found myself thinking about how tired I am more than a few times a day. I'm trying not to complain about how big my belly is getting and how it's making day to day things harder because I've had such an amazing pregnancy. From no morning sickness to being completely healthy at all doctors checks. 

I've been craving loads of fruit lately, which is amazing because I've also been craving loads of bread. 
Lucas doesn't have many toys, in fact he literally has two teddies. The first, Emily wanted to buy while shopping one day at Target and we just got this doggy friend from a friend. 
I'm still having a cup of coffee a day, sometimes I don't have any but most of the time I will skip it in the morning to have it at night with Jose after dinner, with you guessed it, a piece of sweet bread. Also, how adorable is my new mug! Got it at our babyshower.

My friend Keila had her baby finally, I was on snapchat and Instagram watch waiting to see her update and her beautiful baby girl Lucia made it to this world. So excited for her, her husband and her two little boys! 

I have my 32 week appointment today, and am looking forward to seeing baby tomorrow in an ultrasound! Hope you're well! How's Thursday treating you? 


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  1. Aww that mug is the sweetest thing - I want to buy that for my mama :) That fruit all looks so good, too. This time of year, I love making ice pops with fresh fruit!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  2. Love the color of your nails more than those you posted before of the nails match to bridesmaid dresses.

  3. Your mug is too cute! When my boys were babies (they are teens now!) I had many mugs with mom on it and that's how they learned to spell mom, by seeing my mug every morning! I craved watermelon during both pregnancies and pretty much ate a full watermelon a day for the last 2 months. Wonder why so many of us craved watermelon? Wishing you all the best for you and you little one! xx Rox-Anne,

  4. How cute is that mug! You're getting so close, so exciting! And yayyy for no morning sickness and all great doctors visits! Cheers to that <3
    Green Fashionista


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