Spring Weekend Necessities

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Last week, Kate shared some of her Spring weekend essentials, and I thought it was a great idea, and since Thursday is my Friday, the weekend is here for me. This Spring I'm sporting a baby bump, a cute baby bump too (I'm a little bias).
These are the things that have been my favorite so far this spring:

Mine are about 2 years old, I have a few other sunglasses but these are my go to for the weekend. With pregnancy I have gotten more oil on my face including my nose, so I have found that they slip more. I've made it work either way because I love the so much. 

It was hard looking for nice maternity jeans, I have a few that I use strictly for work and a few for the weekend. These are great with the ripped style and were only $12 at Walmart! I use these on the weekends only. 

I've had these in several coots, they last me forever and go with so much. Not to mention they are super comfy. 

This is another product I've had in so many shades, love the texture, and the color range. 

A must, most of the time I take red apples on the go, they are simple, mess free and super delicious. My favorites have been the crunchy ones. 

few other not pictured favorites are my new White and Baby Blue Keds, shown in this vlog. Super cute and totally inexpensive at Marshalls. Also, my regular Old Navy tank tops which still fit me quite nicely. I've been layering them with opened chambray and/or plaid shirts, which I wore before pregnancy closed up. 


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  1. Yes to the Toms! I've been living in mine it seems!

  2. i want that lip gloss. it looks so pretty!!


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