My Second Home

Thursday, May 19, 2016

For the past ten or so years, the library (any library really), has been like a second home to me.
Being a teacher and nanny, I have found myself visiting and setting up visits there so very often. Now with baby coming soon, I'll still visit, at first mostly for the music and story classes. I want baby boy to love reading as much as I did growing up. These days when I take the kids I nanny for I just see myself with mine and it's such a sweet feeling.

Being at the library could open up a big world of imagination for children and help give them time to love and appreciate books. With Emily, we have made it a point to take her (they can't take themselves) and she enjoys it as well. We've taken her to a few different libraries in different surrounding cities and that's been fun. 

Do you love the library? The library in Boston is newly remodeled, modern and so nice for kids, but any library filled with books will do. 

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  1. I've always loves the library too-- I don't go very often anymore, but some of my most vivid memories of being younger are visiting the library for storytimes!

  2. My grandmother took my brother and me to the library weekly when we were children, and so they totally feel like a second home to me!

  3. I loved the library as a kid and love it now as an adult.

  4. I'm seventeen and love going to the library! Such a nice, peaceful place to visit :)

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  5. I adore the library! I hope my babe grows us loving it as much as I did.


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