Trying New Things

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Trying new things has never been a favorite of mine. I've never felt like I was missing out (except when I tried my MIL's refried beans and now regret not trying them earlier in my relationship with Jose). Other than that one time, I've never tried something new and felt I needed to expand my likes.
 During my first trimester of pregnancy, I felt so good and watched what I was eating so much. I felt like I was doing great. Now through half of my second trimester, I've been feeling like I stopped "eating well". What I mean by that is that I gave in to the "you're eating for two" "you're pregnant eat what you what" attitude.

I'm taking control back, and with the help of my husband Jose, am pushing myself to try new things, like avocados, salads that are not Ceaser and sweet potato. You might be thinking I'm crazy, I just about might be the pickiest eater you know, maybe not, but I'm pretty close to it. 

The doctor recommended I try healthier fats, and more protein to help keep me fuller for longer periods of time. That will help with the snacking before breakfast and at night before bed. 

I've done some research to see how true it is that babies will not like foods you didn't eat during pregnancy. I've also asked moms in the area to see what their experiences have been. I'd love to know if you are a mom, are there certain foods your child doesn't eat, and you never ate while pregnant? Just curious. Lucas already has a chance of being a picky eater, if he's anything like his mom. 

Please share your experiences/thoughts  on the topic below! 


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  1. Good luck friend! I hope you find lots of foods that you grow to love!

  2. I'm not very good at branching out to try new foods and don't think I've ever really missed out on anything either. This sounds like the perfect time for you to try out some new things and surprise yourself with what you like.

  3. I am such a picky eater so is my daughter :( Chelsea @

  4. Looks like a great haul lady, good luck with the eating revamp.

  5. I used to be such a picky eater, but living in a "foodie" city, I'm doing my best to try new things. Good for you for doing the same!!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven


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