My Older Brother

Thursday, February 18, 2016

This might be a photo heavy post, actually, I'm pretty sure it is going to be. Today is my brother's birthday. A quick behind the scenes, I have 5 brothers, no sisters. I am very thankful for them, I've learned so much from them. I wanted to say Happy Birthday to you Mawuel, (his real name is Emmanuel, his nickname is Manny, but we honored him with Mawuel recently).

Anywho, a little drive through memory lane: 

Mawuel loves pancakes, football (the Pats to be exact), he enjoys being the clown in the family, and showing everyone his bare behind (I'll spare you the photo evidence). He studied Hotel Hospitality (forgive me, I don't know he exact name), later joined the Air Force. He was stationed in Montana, it was cold, he hated it. He then moved to Florida. Now he's back here in Massachusetts with family nearby. 

He's now a hard working husband and father, who also enjoys a good slice of cheesecake. 

I love you Mawuel. Happy birthday older brother.


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  1. Aww what a nice post! Happy birthday to your bro!

  2. Happy birthday to your brother! What a sweet post!

  3. What a sweet post-- wishing him a happy birthday!


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