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Friday, January 15, 2016

Currently I'm...

One of my goals for this year is to read two books, I'm currently on the hunt for a good book to start the year and to take over my phone usage right before bed. I know you do it, say you're going to bed and then mingle on social media for a bit. Nothing wrong with that, but my plan is to find a good book to read and that is he best time for me to read. Any tips on a good book let me know in the comments section below. 

Listening to:
Lots of Pandora! It's the best, my favorite station right now is Fly Away Radio. 

Nothing! Well, YouTube of course, but we're not really watching much tv these days. 

About burrito night! I've been wanting a burrito from chipotle for a while, but one of their restaurants in Boston had a few issues with customers being sick a few weeks ago so we stopped going. They must have fixed the issue by now, right? 

The other night I made some spaguetti with homemade sauce, it was delicious! It was on snappy snap- vero_var

Lots of water! 

I've been wanting a manicure but it just hasn't happened. 

About the critical stage my nails are in, haha! 

Saltine crackers and American cheese slices as a snack. Delicious!

How dark it is when I get out of work.  

These awesome Sorel slippers! 

Lots of new things, planning a Bridal Shower for my future sister in law. Pin with me- 

Videos on our vlog channel, our latest here.

What are some of your currently's? Linking up for Thoughts for Thursdays. Also, I don't remember where I got this idea from, someone in the blogging world.. If you know, let me know so I could credit back! 


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  1. Burrito night sounds delicious!!!!! And your slippers look super comfy!

  2. Burrito night and a manicure...yes please!

  3. Yay for lots of water, but ugh to how dark it is so early. Looking forward to "springing ahead" the clocks for sure! As for books, I'm currently reading "Bright Lights Paris" which is equally as pretty as it is informative. The author gives amazing tips on where to eat, shop, drink, and stay in the city of light <3

    Green Fashionista


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