Favorite Makeup Products

Friday, January 29, 2016

It's been a while since I posted anything about makeup, today, I am sharing my 5 favorite makeup products of the week. As you may already know, I don't wear much makeup on a regular basis, the most makeup I have ever worn was on our wedding day and even that day, I kept it minimal. I love products that I can use quickly and are efficient. I have some redness that I like to cover but most of the time I go bare. 

Resolutions Essentials Giveaway

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Borrowed Heaven ||| To Travel & Beyond ||| Christina Lea Loves ||| Martinis & Bikinis
Lowcountry Mama ||| Carly Blogs ||| The Peacock Roost ||| Make.Up.HER

Woohoo! The giveaway is here!
Go follow these ladies and enter to win the giveaway for the chance to win these awesome things. We are just a month into the New Year and I know I could use a push to keep my exercise goals.


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Weekending & Your Resolutions

Monday, January 25, 2016

I have absolutely no photos to share today from our weekend, even though I feel it was quite a busy one. There was loads of organizing, purging, eating and of course some football

I'm excited it's Monday, and even more excited for tomorrow's  post, because it's a giveaway! Woohoo! Make sure you come back Tuesday to enter to win these awesome things. 

Meg contacted myself and a few other fabulous bloggers to cohost this health inspired giveaway. What better way to get on a health kick and help you keep your New Year's Resolutions, or goals, than with the perfect things that'll help. I've never had a Fitbit myself, but my husband Jose has one and he loves it. 

Now that the fun is said, let's talk about that Patriots game last night. What a bummer. It was super nerve racking at the end and we couldn't get the win. Next year boys! 

Who are you rooting for during the Super Bowl? #Carolina ... Looking forward to the half time show? 



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It's Not Over-Weekending

Monday, January 18, 2016

Who doesn't love 4 day weekends? It's currently a white morning out here and I'm not working. Perfection. Monday holidays are the best!

Emily came home from school on Friday very excited to look for her Martin Luther King JR. Book because she was learning all week about him and she knew she had a book at home about him. She read it every day this weekend, it was nice to see her so involved in learning a little bit of history at only 7 years old. 

Saturday was probably our busiest day this weekend. We had breakfast at our usual spot, The Good Diner, then headed to Dance class. Shortly after we went to the mall to meet with my nieces and brothers for a fun Build A Bear play date. It was a gift for the girls for Three Kings Day, from my father. Read a little more about this special holiday we love to celebrate in Puerto Rico, here. Keila from MommyInMilwaukee wrote a little about it. After the play date, Emily had another play date with my little cousins and we watched the Patriots game. Go Pats! 

I had wonderful lazy Sunday morning , then took Emily to a dentist appointment and came home in time to watch more football. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I'm linking up with Biana for Weekending! 


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Influenster and COVERGIRL

Friday, January 15, 2016

Influenster has done it again. Another great complimentary package of goodies for me to try. This time around I got two COVERGIRL products. Here's what I got:

I am so in love with both of these, and have been wearing the Oh Sugar lip balm non stop. The mascara I am still testing out, but I wanted to share what I got in the event that it would be helpful or that I could introduce you to some of the new COVERGIRL products. 

The Oh Sugar Lip product has a tint (shade is SODA) to it but is very sheer, but with my natural lip color you can barely tell it has any color at all so I it works for me as a lip balm with a sheer glossy finish. The brush on the mascara is really cool looking, it's thick and promises to thicken, darken and fill your lashes. So far, I do love the mascara as well, I love a good thick brush with a volumizing formula. 

Have you tried these yet? What do you think? Do you prefer thin brushes on the mascara or thicker brushes?


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Thoughts For Thursday-Currently

Currently I'm...

One of my goals for this year is to read two books, I'm currently on the hunt for a good book to start the year and to take over my phone usage right before bed. I know you do it, say you're going to bed and then mingle on social media for a bit. Nothing wrong with that, but my plan is to find a good book to read and that is he best time for me to read. Any tips on a good book let me know in the comments section below. 

Listening to:
Lots of Pandora! It's the best, my favorite station right now is Fly Away Radio. 

Nothing! Well, YouTube of course, but we're not really watching much tv these days. 

About burrito night! I've been wanting a burrito from chipotle for a while, but one of their restaurants in Boston had a few issues with customers being sick a few weeks ago so we stopped going. They must have fixed the issue by now, right? 

The other night I made some spaguetti with homemade sauce, it was delicious! It was on snappy snap- vero_var

Lots of water! 

I've been wanting a manicure but it just hasn't happened. 

About the critical stage my nails are in, haha! 

Saltine crackers and American cheese slices as a snack. Delicious!

How dark it is when I get out of work.  

These awesome Sorel slippers! 

Lots of new things, planning a Bridal Shower for my future sister in law. Pin with me- Pinterest.com/everythingvero 

Videos on our vlog channel, our latest here.

What are some of your currently's? Linking up for Thoughts for Thursdays. Also, I don't remember where I got this idea from, someone in the blogging world.. If you know, let me know so I could credit back! 


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Monday, January 11, 2016

Hello! Not sure I've said a proper Happy New Year on my blog, so here it is... Hope you all are having a wonderful New Year and hoping you meet all of your goals for this year. One of my goals is to continue blogging at a pace that is good for me. December was super busy for us, we did VLOGMAS and all of the family time was fun. 

I sort of took the week off last week to organize myself, and our home. We went to my brothers house for Christmas Day and got a huge box between Jose, Emily and myself, filled with presents. I just unpacked that Christmas box yesterday. Today, I am linking up with Biana!

This past weekend, Emily cut her hair and donated it to the Locks of Love, how amazing. She came home and told us she wanted to do it. We never said anything to her about it... She looks so beautiful! 

I totally missed the Globes, but watched some highlights on snapchat (vero_var). 

Anywho, something to look forward to this week on my blog: I got an Influenster box with goodies from COVERGIRL, spoiler, I'm really loving it.  

How was your weekend? 


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