While On A Weekend Getaway, Others Were In Harm

Monday, November 16, 2015

Why harm? 
Why cause fear? 

While we were out on a weekend getaway, Friday night as we started to settle down in our hotel, I saw #PrayForParis posts on social media. I didn't even want to begin to imagine what was going on. Why? It terrifies me to think that there are people in this world that are capable of doing these acts of violence. It is just awful to see the horrible moments some people are going through in different parts of the world, while you're having a good time. Emily is only 7, so we did not listen to the radio or watch the news on tv until she was asleep. I almost decided not to post today. However, during these times of horror, it's when we need to stand together, and keep going. My thoughts and prayers are with those who were affected first hand, their families, the people of Paris, and the world. Peace in our earth.

Our weekend: 
I picked up Emily from school and then Jose from work. We vlogged Emily's reaciition when we told her where we were going. Let's just say she was pretty excited. The hotel Jose found is so wonderful, we try to stay at different hotels every time we visit the White Mountains, however, I am pretty sure we will be back to this one. There was so much space to stretch and relax. There was a beautiful balcony with wonderful mountain views. A jacuzzi tub, which was Emily's favorite and a full kitchen! 

We did some shopping, some eating at one of our favorite restaurants up here, Cafe Noche, our favorites are the Mini Tacos...! 

We walked the downtown area and tried Peach's for the first time for breakfast. They have people draw pictures or leave a note on one of their napkins and they put them on the tables with a glass top for all to see different peoples drawings and/or notes. The coffee there was delicious. 

Emily also enjoyed the pool and we all enjoyed the hotel's game room, equipped with a pool table, ping pong tables, vending machines, crunches and a library stocked with a ton of books and a classic library feel to it. 

How was your weekend? Where were you when you heard of the Paris tragedy? 

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  1. I've never been to the white mountains but what a great weekend getaway! So glad you were able to have a good time - the weather was a bit chilly but yesterday was just gorgeous!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I'm so glad you guys were able to have a good weekend away, love that last picture of the three of you! And how cute are those mini tacos!

  3. What a fun getaway!! Love the idea of the napkin drawings, I think it is so fun when places do things like that.

  4. It looks like you had a sweet getaway weekend! The photos are beautiful.

    My best friend lives in Paris, and I was still at work when I heard what happened. It took her over an hour to respond to me and I was so nervous. Terrible thoughts were surrounding these horrible situations. Thankfully she was in Amsterdam for the weekend. One of the attacks was only 2 blocks from her apartment.


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