Addicted to Caffeine and Kindness

Thursday, November 5, 2015

I really love sitting down and writing typing out things I am thankful for every once in a while. I tell myself I'll do it more but when you live a fast paced life, which is just about everyone, it's hard sometimes to remember to sit and appreciate the greatness in life and how sweet some people are. 

I got this shirt from MamaSaidTees and I simply adore it. I just had to write a post to show it off and share with all of my coffee and kindness lover friends! I know you all would appreciate a t-shirt like this! Now, that I've tried it on I wish I would have gone with the Small-next time. It fits great, but it's super long. I'll still rock it! I am thankful for people like the two fabulous Colleen's over at MamaSaidTees for spreading kindness. 

I "found" them through Kallie's Mug Swap, check out #ButFirstCoffeeMugSwap. She was my partner and we sent each other a mug after chatting a while to get to know each other. 

Addicted to caffeine and kindness, how appropriate for this post. I love my coffee, I usually have two cups a day, sometimes three-don't judge me. 

I love the messages MamaSaidTees has on her clothing. It's all so positive and pretty. With the holiday season here, let's all be kind to each other. 

I love the holidays and want to spread kindness around to everyone. Do something nice today. Smile at someone walking by, say have a nice day to your neighbor, ask the cashier as you're checking out how she is doing today. 

Of course we should be kind all the time, not just during the holiday season. However, I fee like people can get so wrapped into the busyness of the holidays, and we forget to be nice. I'm off to enjoy my new t-shirt from MamaSaidTees, check them out and get your own! 

How awesome would this shirt be as a Christmas gift for the coffee lover in your life (or for yourself) buy yours here!

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  1. looving that tee! And your nail polish!

  2. i need it!! heading to her site now to get me one! or more :)

  3. What a fun shirt, I love the sentiment!

  4. LOVE that tee - super cute and comfy looking! And yes to spreading a little extra kindness this holiday season. It's amazing how so little can go such a long way <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. I might have to get like 5 of them :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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