Alter Ego

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The October glam bag came and I sort of pushed it to the side... Anyone else feel like the Ipsy hype is done and over with? Not thrilled with it but there are a few products I am excited to try out and then others I plan on passing along to someone who will get better use of them. 

In case you've been M.I.A  and have no idea what Ipsy (if you use my link, I score Ipsy points) is, here's the gist: 
-$10/month beauty subscription box 
-4/5 sample and/or full size products 
-customize to your wants and needs online
-review products online and share your referral link for Ipsy points

The theme for the month was Alter Ego, the bag is two different colors on each side, on one side is a black leather and gold finish. Here's what I got this month: 

Post includes referral link to Ipsy. 

I used this pencil so much the past few weeks. I attended a few different Halloween events as Minnie and used this liner for the nose, whiskers and eyeliner. Everything stayed in place the whole time with very little smudging. 

I've been using the black pencil for the past two weeks, its been great for my Minnie DIY costume. The Laura Gellar blush is off to my sister in law, sure hope she gets some use from it. I am so excited to use the lip gloss from The Balm, it's a beautiful shade for this time of year. I am also excited to use the scrub but could do without the face serum. I am just sort of over those samples. 

I have been really thinking of subscribing to another service to give something else a try. I have really enjoyed my Ipsy bags month to month. However, I have lost that feeling I had when I saw it was home. In the past I would almost feel more confident that I would be trying out some cool products totally worth the hype. Lately, I have just been feeling, meh. 

What do you think about the Ipsy bag subscription service? 
Let me know in the comments section below and we will chat! 

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  1. I totally feel you on being over samples of something. When I had my Birchbox subscription I was totally over getting hair product samples but I felt like there was one in every box. That lipgloss is an amazing color and love that the eyeliner stayed so well! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Beautiful lip gloss, lady! I've never done a sample box before, but have been intrigued.

  3. i love the liquid lipstick. it was really good. and how cute are you with minnie mouse??

  4. The lipstick is such a soft pretty rose! I have been getting Birchbox and like it, but was actually thinking about switching to Ipsy. After a while the samples build up in my house and I agree with you, they aren't as exciting.

  5. LOVE your lip gloss and Minnie costume - sequin ears for the win <3

    Green Fashionista

  6. I try not to sign up for subscription boxes because then I always forget to cancel them when they go stale. I do love that eyeliner you got in this one though!

  7. I've never done the Ipsy thing, but I really love that gloss and how perfect the liner was for Halloween :)


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