Mary Kay Nail Lacquer-First Impression

Friday, October 2, 2015

There's a first time for everything, am I right? I've got quite the nail polish collection, but don't have any polishes from Mary Kay, until today! These came in right in time for Fall, I was so excited I chose one and slapped it on my nails. 

Thank you Ingrid for sending these to me, you are very much appreciated. Ingrid is an Independent Sales Director who just so happens to be my cousin. I will leave her information below in case you're interested in getting these or other products from her. 

Garden Terrace and Berry Stylish.

I've already put on the berry shade... First impression: I love the size and shape of the brush, right away I could tell the consistency is thick. It applies very evenly on the nails and if you were in a rush and wanted to do just one coat you could get away with doing that. I applied two, with no top coat and it looks perfect, super shiny and opaque. The color definitely dries darker than what you see in the bottle, it is more of a grape shade than berry. 

Here's an outdoor shot. I really love how shiny they look without the top coat. To be honest I really love the colors Essie ($8.50-9.00) has to offer, but I don't love their brushes nor how hard you sometimes have to work to get the even layers. I work with it because I love their colors so much. However, at $9.50 a piece I think if you love Essie or O.P.I just as much as I do, these are totally worth trying. I'm looking forward to seeing what other shades hey have to offer.

Ingrid Hernandez
Independent Sales Director
Port Saint Lucie, Florida

She's also on Instagram, #mkbeastmode! 

Do you own any shades from MaryKay?

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