How To: Pinterest Pin Me Button

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I love this Pin Me button made by my handsome husband. 

I used this link to help me figure out the pin me button. It sounded so difficult when I was thinking of adding the buttons. I had questions... Will I have to add the button option to each of my photos, would it be something that automatically happens after adding maybe a widget. How much time will it take to do.  Well, now that its on my photos I am glad I went for it and did it. 

I'm still not sure if you're supposed to be able to use the pin me buttons through the cellphone or not. I will continue to do some research, in the mean time... I am definitely not an expert at it, but I did want to share the link I used to get it done, in case you're looking to add the button as well! The post is by Greenlava on Blogger Sentral, here it is. Hope you find this helpful, let me know if you add the pin me option and I'll head over and pin away. 

Do you have this installed on your blog? Are there advantages or disadvantages you have found from having it on your photos? Let me know in the comments section below! 


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  1. i have one--i hear all the time, oh i'm def pinning this!--but not sure if they do or not. i think it's a good thing to have in case they don't have the toolbar widget installed

  2. I've had one on my blog for a few years and think it's a great asset! People are far more likely to pin my images if I take the work out of it for them!

  3. I had the Pin It button on my blog for awhile but I recently took it off. It used to drive me nuts hovering over a picture on accident and then not being able to see it. I usually pin stuff using Pinterest's browser button now. <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes


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