First Weekend in October

Monday, October 5, 2015

It already feels like my favorite month of the year is flying right past. We did enjoy it, though it went by so quick.

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I got the iPhone 6S as an early birthday gift from Jose..!! I really love it. The camera is amazing. Our latest vlog was using that camera. I kept the plastic on until I got a case for it so the sound was a bit off but you get the gist of the day, Friday with the girls. 

What do you do when you get a new phone, play with the camera. Jose took this one, and for some odd reason I really love it. 

My hair is in its natural state, it's chilly out so in wearing my Niagara Falls sweater we got on our honeymoon and you can't see it but I was also wearing my sweatpants I got that same cold day in Canada. That night that I wore a pretty floral dress with nude flats and then it got insanely cold and that was the best I could find... Here's a throwback to our first honeymoon night touring the area:

Friday went about a little different than I thought it would. My niece's nanny was sick so I took care of her and later picked up Emily from school. We went to the Christmas Tree Shop and did some Halloween decor shopping. She was thrilled to see Arianna with me. If you saw our vlog you would have seen we lost her first lovey... We are all still recovering from that. 

This is my princess, she's my niece and god daughter... We share a birthday, October 27, she'll be three. By the way, she did not eat that whole cookie. 

Saturday we had the Boston Wounded Veteran's 5K race early in the morning. After, we rushed to Emily's ballet class quickly after the race. My brothers planned a visit to my grandmother's house, we had a great time eating sorullitos. Emily really loves playing with my niece Hailey.

Got the race photos from Bob Steele who shared them on the Boston Wounded Veterans 5K/10K Facebook page. 

Sunday fun day..! We spent the majority of the afternoon at Barnes and Noble. How beautiful is Emily? She's growing so quickly and is just so smart... 

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  1. So jealous of the new iphone you have - the picture quality really is great!!! And great job on the race girl!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Beautiful pictures Vero. :) So cute and adorable your nieces are.

  3. Yay glad you like the new phone! I am still onthe 5 hahah!


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