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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Welcome to our link up, Falling For... I bring you, a little bit of Boston in the Fall. Located in the East, Boston is pretty chilly in the middle of Fall. Usually, at the beginning of the season it's still warm. Towards the middle of the season you can really get into the Fall activities. There is so much history in Boston, I feel like pictures will just never do it justice, but I tried. 

In Boston, what you'll see are the beautiful leaves changing colors, you'll also see the leaves falling down as you're walking under the trees. It's quite a beautiful sight to stop and actually see them falling down. There are piles all over of leaves and you know they are falling, but to actually see them fall and make little piles, it is simply amazing. You'll also see people bundled up, and children running around with runny noses without a care in the world. 

You'll smell the yummy baked dishes, pumpkin pie, Apple Crisps and everything pumpkin at every corner. The air is so chilly you can smell the chilly cold front and if you walk around with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate you could smell the goodness in the air. Let's not forget those yummy smelly Bath & Body Works candles that everyone raves about. Every house and store you go to in New England smells of something baking in the oven or a yummy Fall candle. 

You'll touch those crunchy leaves and wet ones too from the rainy days that have passed. While on my walk around the city I was able to touch a few of the decorations residents have out on their front steps. Touch, only if you dare... Lots of homes are welcoming Halloween and ready for the trick or treaters to come and get some candy or tricks. 

You can hear the kids young and old playing in the leaves, singing Fall songs like the Leaves are Falling Down. You'll also hear the last of the birds chirping by the trees. And when the wind comes you'll hear that too, the chilly wind rushing through your body and making a mess of your hair. Bostonians brave the cold weather and play music outside the library, at train stations, anywhere people will listen. You'll also hear the tourists on the Duck boats yelling out their chilly quacks! 

What you'll taste in the Fall is everything delicious that you could smell. Despite the fact that I don't enjoy pumpkin anything (except pumpkin seeds and specific pumpkin bread), it is not a secret that everyone in New England loves pumpkin everything. Including pumpkin in your drink is a must in the Fall time. Even though it is cold, you could still get a mean dog from a food truck. There were a few outfront the Copley Plaza. 

Layering is key here in Boston, and a good pair of boots. These booties have been my absolute favorite this season.... My favorite way to style them has been with this dress from Old Navy, and for the colder Fall days, I added opaque black tights. To change it up a little I switched the trench coats and scarfs.

Well, that'll do it. That was fun. I really enjoyed taking photos of Boston to show you all what it is like in the Fall. I really love this season and am so happy that I get to enjoy this city. It is my birthday today, so I am off to enjoy the rest of the day! 

I would like to give a big thank you to Meg and Macy who were sweet enough to host the link up with me. Make sure to check them out, they are pretty amazing bloggers. If you're here because they sent you, I hope you stay a while.  


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  1. I love Boston! I have only been there in the summer. Looks gorgeous this time of year!

  2. Beautiful! I've always wanted to visit Boston.. I think I'd love it. I miss living up north and having four seasons. Happy Birthday =)

  3. I'm so excited to see beautiful Boston in fall this weekend!! Make way for ducklings was always my favorite growing up :) I miss foliage down here in SC!

  4. Boston is on my to-do travel list however it would be in the winter or spring because my husband will go if the Bruins are playing and even better if they are playing our Blues. I love hearing about it, though and can't wait to go one day!

  5. So much to love this time of year, I haven't been to Boston in the fall in years - so many pretty leaves and pumpkins <3

    Green Fashionista

  6. Love the homes!

  7. I am so involve with this entire post! All of the photos are incredible, those booties are adorable and the colors just look perfect!! We have similar little ducks in a park by my house also! I wonder if thats something that have all over America! I've been to Boston once, but it was the weekend after Thanksgiving so it was pretty chilly, I need to come back when it is warmer to ride a duck boat!

  8. I've only seen Boston in the summer but it looks just beautiful there in the fall.
    The Rad Wife

  9. I LOVE Boston! I went to BU and haven't been back since I graduated in 2009. Fall is definitely the best time there :)

  10. Thank you very much for posting this Vero! I sure miss spending fall in Boston. This read along with these wonderful shots made me feel like I was there again! Super nice. Lovely!


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