Thursday Confessions

Thursday, October 8, 2015

My confessions: 

-I'm secretly counting the days for Christmas. I love fall and the holidays that lead up to Christmas, but there's something about driving home singing Christmas songs in the car! Also looking forward to VLOGMAS this year. 

-I've been eyeing these Tory Burch boots and really want to buy them even though the price tag is totally absurd! 

-I've been telling myself I need to wake up earlier so I could get some things done in the mornin before going to work... But who am I kidding, I'd much rather get 10 more minutes I sleep under the covers. It's already so cold in the mornings!

We still don't have our wedding album, and its partly my fault. I took forever to pick the photos we wanted. Hopefully we will get it soon. Since it's Thursday, here, a #tbt: 

-We had the Boston Wounded Veterans 5K over the weekend... Boy do I not like the photos. I over dressed because it was super cold and the location was right on the beach. That plus the fact that I've gained weight makes me upset. I lost a ton of weight two summers ago, only to hit out it back on. I could tell in the face. Just some motivation to get back into it. The thing is that Winter is depressing coming out of work in the dark and cold. Any tips on how to stay fit during the Winter months are appreciated. The gym? Ugh, I might have to. 

What are your confessions? 

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  1. I hate getting out of bed in the morning too! So not a morning person but the more I do it the easier it seems to be. My advice is to find a workout partner....that is truly the only thing that really helps me is having a friend to workout with.

  2. I absolutely LOVE vlogmas! My favorite ever! Do you watch FleurDeVlog? She's my fave. I'll admit, I've been doing pretty good on the whole "get up earlier" thing. It's life changing once you get yourself to do it. (I do definitely sleep through the alarm sometimes, though. womp womp)


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