BEACH AND LAKE DAY FUN-Over the weekend

Monday, August 17, 2015

We are just days away from our vacation! Prepping these last few nights and then we are off. Over the weekend we had a beach day, lake day and lemonade stand day! Let's back up. 

On Friday, Emily and I headed to the beach, on the way home we saw a lemonade stand, we stopped of course. The lemonade was deliciously refreshing and the little girls were just adorable. Emily thought about making a lemonade stand of her own. We had plans for the rest of the day and Saturday so we agreed to Sunday! Ok, back to Friday. That night we celebrated Michael's promotion at work! Woohooooo go Mike! 

Saturday, we went to the lake with my family, we played on the sand, enjoyed the lake and went on my uncles boat and floaters! Super fun! Emily had a blast, so did Jose and I. I don't have photos of this, but there is a vlog up on our channel! 

Sunday, oh fun day. Our lemonade stand was a complete success. Emily had her friends (my little cousins) come over to help. There were a lot of family customers but there were also a few random people come and stop by. I texted Kendwy to come by and she did! So sweet! By the way, Kendwy has a new blog and passion for all things teacher related. Go over if you're interested follow her Instagram and tell her I (VeroSays!) said hello! 

We also ate on the job! 

How was your weekend? 

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Some of my daily essentials are pretty pink nails (#VeroSaysNails), my card holder and coffee! I'm not one to use the word obsessed, but I am obsessing over my Kate Spade Leather mini card holder. I got it while we were on our honeymoon along with a purse as a gift from Jose. So where was I? Obsessed, yes! I have been using it daily all Summer. It carries three cards and has an extra pocket on the top for some cash perhaps or another card. It's just so easy to keep the most important things in this one wallet and throw it any bag. It's so small it'll fit anywhere. I looked for it online but I can't find it, they only have a dot one (mine is in a soft pink), and if you use ebates first, you'll get 3.5% cash back of your purchase! 

On my nails is O.P.I Mod About You. Definitely a cult favorite and personally one I will always repurchase. I have one layer of polish on my nails today. I noticed the polish has seen better days. Time to repurchase. This is one of those polishes that I don't think twice about buying the same one over and over again. Even with one layer, I think it looks pretty good.

My coffee, what can I say. I used to have Dunkin Donuts every morning without fail. For the past few months I've been having Trader Joes coffee at home and this coffee from a bakery in South Boston, Joseph's Bakery. It's so delicious.

What are your everyday essentials? Let me know in the comments section. Also, what's a polish you repurchase over and over again, besides Mod About You of course.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

W is for the weekend! 

Hello there Monday... This is our last full week of work before our vacation. I have to say I'm already pretty much on vacation mode. I honestly feel like we've done so much this Summer. A quick recap on the weekend, Friday, I took Emily to the Lynn Public Library for her to visit for the first time. She loves books so much, it's so nice to see her surrounded by them and enjoy reading and being read to. Later that day we went to Coco Keys Resort, (I enjoyed a Midori Sour, or two) for one last play date with Camila. She went back to Texas Saturday morning, not before having one last sleep over with us. That was another 5:30 a.m wake up call, ha! Ooooh, and my dress came back, nicely packaged and clean! 

Saturday's have been all about Emily's vocal lessons in the morning, later on we visited the Museum of Fine Arts. It was Emily and Jose's first time there. One of them loved it, the other not so much. Guess who. I've been a few times, but haven't managed to see the whole museum yet, it's just so massive. We grabbed some pizza nearby and then headed for the Public Garden. So.Much.Fun. We also had to make a stop at Georgetown Cupcake. August is Banana Split month and those are Jose's favorite! 

Sunday, we had our usual family breakfast and then headed to the Children's Museum! Emily absolutely loves it there. We saw three plays on the Kids Stage, played with the bubbles (Jose enjoyed the bubbles as well) went up on the structure, and played chess! Lastly, we couldn't end a weekend without a manicure and pedicure, for Emily that is! No photos of that but such pretty colors. We've decided we will wear white while we are on vacation!!! 

How was your weekend? Any ideas on who liked the Museum of Fine Arts and who didn't? 

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