Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We still have a few things to do wedding related before our wedding is considered "done". We just got our thank you cards, I still need to personalize, and buy envelopes, who knew Paper Source sold them seperately. I need to look up what is the normal time frame after the wedding to mail out thank you cards, I'm pretty sure I passed it. 

Anywho, they are in and they match the wedding invitations. When I ordered the wedding invitations I did it on site, the thank you cards I did online since I already knew the colors, font and sizing. So they came in the mail the other day, but no envelopes! Ha! Oh my! 

Time to personalize the thank you cards, everyone who attended was so sweet and happy to be there with us. It is my goal to write a special note to everyone. Thank goodness our guest list was small.  

Besides the no envelopes little hiccup, all is well, oh and our photos are in... We have to pick our photos for the album and for our enlargements. We are so excited. I am not sure how we will ever decide. However, our web gallery is so nice, it allows you to create folders. I am thinking I will create two: Must have & Could live without. Hopefully that will work out. We also want to make sure we get a good variety of photos from throughout the day and not forget special events or photos with important people. 

I want to share all of the photos but I want to share them in some order! I'll be back, until then... 

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  1. Gorgeous photos - That chandelier is so pretty!

  2. You have a long time to send out thank you notes. I did mine about a month after the wedding. I sent Christmas Cards to everyone, and thanked each person for their presence/presents at our wedding. This was separate from our shower thank yous, but having a wedding so close to Christmas, I could not see sending out two separate thank yous. It took me forever to write each card out, but it was worth it:)

  3. Gorgeous photos!! I did my thank you's about a month or so after the wedding! It was tiring writing them up, but like you said it was really important to me to personally thank everyone.

  4. Wow your photos are so beautiful and that last one took my breath away! Gorgeous! Stopping by from the linkup :)

  5. Great idea to do invitations and thank yous from the same place so you can use the same colors and fonts! I heard that you need to send the thank yous within 3 months of the wedding because that's the accepted time frame to send gifts after the wedding? I could be wrong, though haha. Cannot wait to see more photos :)


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