Thursday, July 23, 2015

My beautiful flowers from my husband ❤️

Work, school, personal life, family life, health... How do we do it all? I don't. Well, I haven't been able to anyway. It's so hard to get caught up in our day to day lives. I find myself always thinking about the things I have to do and the little time I have to do it.

I have tried to wake up earlier so that I could exercise before work, so I wouldn't have to do it after work and I could just go home have dinner, relax or run errands without feeling guilty of the lack of exercise I'm doing. That hasn't worked, I wake up just too tired and go back to sleep. 

Sometimes when I'm doing something on my to do list, I feel like I could be doing something else, or I should be doing something else. Who else feels that way? 

I'm always trying to cram as much as I can in as little time as possible. 

I have this to do list in my notes on my phone. Some things included are:
-grocery shop, lunches for work
-take wedding dress to get cleaned and stored
-return shirts and pants 
-stop at Michael's for envelopes 
-pay paper source 
-call Nelnet 
-book our vacation 
-write message to thank you cards, address and mail

There's more, I swear, but I won't bore you! Anywho, yesterday I decided I needed to get my dress out of my office so I grabbed it, put it in the car and went to the bridal shop. Quick advice, when you're buying your dress and they ask you to purchase the cleaning and storage kit, do it. It costs more getting it after.  On the way back I stopped at Michael's and got the envelopes for the thank you cards that didn't come with envelopes. After that I made my way over to Stop & Shop and picked up food for lunches, and more containers, because somehow we lose them all! 

The moral of this story, I'm not sure. I am just happy I was able to get some things off my list and feel good about getting things done. I know I can't do it all at once, it takes time... I just like feeling like I am chopping at my list. Who's with me? Flowers help me feel ok too. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! 

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  1. Divide and conquer girl - we can't do it all, but pick three and do those then pick another three and just work your way down the list! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I have tried the getting up early to exercise thing too and it does NOT work for me! I would love to get it done in the morning so I can just relax after dinner in the evenings but I am SO not a morning person!


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