Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I was waiting to figure out a system as to what to share (and in what order) from the wedding, but today, I heard our first dance song and it just made me so happy. Let me know what you'd like to read about next. 

We don't have our photos back yet, here are two of the many iPhone photo's our friends shared with us after the wedding. 

One of the easiest things to do for the wedding was pick our first dance song, mostly because I left it up to Jose. I knew he would deliver perfectly, and he sure did. Jose sent over YouTube videos every so often for me to listen to. I wanted him to pick the song, so for each song that I listened to I said it was beautiful. Then we listened to Never Stop, by Safetysuit. I felt in my heart that was our song. We chose it. A little while later, Jose kept playing Thinking Outloud by Ed Sheeran, & it became my obsession. We switched our first dance song to that. 

As time passed, I sort of "forgot" about Never Stop and never really heard it anywhere. Thinking out loud, however, was being played all over the place, on the radio, at parties, I even saw it in a few blogposts as the first dance song. I think I heard it enough when a few friends who went to two different weddings snap chatted (is that a thing?) the bride and groom's first dance and guess what their song was, Thinking Outloud. 

Even though I loved and still love the song, I quickly fell out of love with it for our first dance. We went back to our first choice, listened to it once more and it was much more beautiful than before. 

When we went to finalize the details with our DJ, Dave Riley (which by the way if you live in the Boston area, he was fabulous before, during and after our wedding), we decided to use one for our first dance and the other for our last dance. I wanted to make sure I could change my mind if I wanted to, and he was super patient with us! 

Never Stop by Safetysuit was our first dance, I'll share some of my favorite lyrics in the song: 

I'll never stop trying 
I'll never stop watching as you leave
I'll never stop losing my breath 
Every time I see you looking back at me 

I'll never stop holding your hand
I'll never stop opening your door
I'll never stop choosing you babe
I'll never get used to you 

I could literally write down the lyrics to the whole song I love it so much. You have to listen to the song, and picture yourself dancing with your partner and just listen to the words. 

Thinking out Outloud by Ed Sheeran, was our last dance. We originally said we would dance the last song just us, however, once we got into it Jose invited everyone to the dance floor to dance with us. It was a beautiful way to end our celebration, everyone who stayed 'til the very end danced with us and it was perfect. 

I won't even get into the feeling I had dancing the last song. It was waves full of different emotions rushing through me... 
"I'm married"
"It's over, but not really, it's just starting"
"Time to go" 
"What a relief, all that planning"
"It went great"
"How handsome is my husband"

Ha! So much went through my mind during those very last few minutes. It was beautiful, and it was magical! 

What's next? Invitations? Favors? The venue!? Oh my, the people at the venue! I'll stop, I can get off topic quick! 

Happy Wedding Wednesday! 

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  1. WOW! We were torn between Never Stop and Thinking Out Loud as well! We went with thinking outlaid though. The part where he mentions his heart is perfect for us because my husband (ah- still weird to say) had heart surgery in December and it felt nice to have that moment in the song. I LOVE Safetysuit though and that is a perfect song choice.

    Thanks for linking up with us today!

  2. I love Thinking Out Loud!! I've never heard the other song though. Definitely gonna check it out! Glad to hear that you had such a wonderful time!!

  3. Good idea to use one as your first and one as your last dance! I know there's so much to recap once the wedding is over, just pick what you feel like you'll have the most fun writing about that week. I went out of order a lot but eventually it will all be there =)

  4. Awww what a fantastic song to use!! I love these photos and cannot wait to see the professional ones :)

  5. I love both of those songs, it sounds like you chose perfectly!


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