Thursday, July 30, 2015

Happy Thursday! It's the weekend for me!! 

Today, I wanted to share a few recent purchases! I uploaded a new vlog (YouTube.com/FiveMinutesandUs) where I show you the things I got from Jcrew. I forgot to show the Chino shorts I got from them too (they came in a different package first). I did post a photo on my Instagram, they are perfection. Jcrew Factory was having a crazy sale on their clearance items and I found some really nice items. There's one item from the Gap. 

We are super excited for our trip to Puerto Rico soon, make sure you subscribe to the channel so you could see our adventures!!

Also, don't forget to sign up for Ebates and start getting your cash back on items you buy online!! I realized after we got  our vacation booked that we could have purchased through ebates as well. Sign up using my link and we both win, or sign up on your own, you still win! 

If you already use Ebates what stores do you love to shop at when shopping through ebates!? 

Still confused or on the fence about it? Want more information on Ebates

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Since last week's rant about getting things done, I have to say I'm pretty happy with some of the things I have accomplished. I'm sure I could have accomplished more but my niece is visiting from Texas so it's been sleepover central over at our place with her, Camila, and Emily. We have been so busy with the girls during the weekend, then throw in the long list of to do's as well as trying to pass some exams (deadly Nestest). 

I've also been going through our box of wedding stuff, finally sitting down to write these thank you cards and mail them out!! We got some really beautiful cards, we will cherish forever! 

Anywho, here are some of the weekend photos: 

So, I picked up the girls on Friday afternoon, after my Nestest exam. We went to the mall to return some things and out of nowhere we were at the Build A Bear store! I don't know how it happened, one minute they are saying they just want to see, the next I'm pulling out my debit card! Ha! 

Saturday, we headed to the Museum of Science, I think Jose and I enjoyed it more than the girls did! We saw the exhibits and we also saw the 4D Ice Age short film! We saw one while we were in Disney with Mickey Mouse, so we were expecting nothing but pure awesomeness! We were not disappointed! It was great! We smelled cherries, popped bubbles, were punched on the back on our seats (very gently), our feet were tickled and we even got a little wet! The prices were fair, $5 for children, $6 for adults! 

Sunday, we had plans to go on the Duck Tours, but there was chance of rain and I wanted a sunny day. We hung out at home, I worked on my to do list and did the girls nails. 

Another niece celebrated her birthday in Puerto Rico the other day, can't wait to see her when we go visit in August! Feliz Cumpleaños Taira! 

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How was your weekend? 

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

My beautiful flowers from my husband ❤️

Work, school, personal life, family life, health... How do we do it all? I don't. Well, I haven't been able to anyway. It's so hard to get caught up in our day to day lives. I find myself always thinking about the things I have to do and the little time I have to do it.

I have tried to wake up earlier so that I could exercise before work, so I wouldn't have to do it after work and I could just go home have dinner, relax or run errands without feeling guilty of the lack of exercise I'm doing. That hasn't worked, I wake up just too tired and go back to sleep. 

Sometimes when I'm doing something on my to do list, I feel like I could be doing something else, or I should be doing something else. Who else feels that way? 

I'm always trying to cram as much as I can in as little time as possible. 

I have this to do list in my notes on my phone. Some things included are:
-grocery shop, lunches for work
-take wedding dress to get cleaned and stored
-return shirts and pants 
-stop at Michael's for envelopes 
-pay paper source 
-call Nelnet 
-book our vacation 
-write message to thank you cards, address and mail

There's more, I swear, but I won't bore you! Anywho, yesterday I decided I needed to get my dress out of my office so I grabbed it, put it in the car and went to the bridal shop. Quick advice, when you're buying your dress and they ask you to purchase the cleaning and storage kit, do it. It costs more getting it after.  On the way back I stopped at Michael's and got the envelopes for the thank you cards that didn't come with envelopes. After that I made my way over to Stop & Shop and picked up food for lunches, and more containers, because somehow we lose them all! 

The moral of this story, I'm not sure. I am just happy I was able to get some things off my list and feel good about getting things done. I know I can't do it all at once, it takes time... I just like feeling like I am chopping at my list. Who's with me? Flowers help me feel ok too. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! 

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We still have a few things to do wedding related before our wedding is considered "done". We just got our thank you cards, I still need to personalize, and buy envelopes, who knew Paper Source sold them seperately. I need to look up what is the normal time frame after the wedding to mail out thank you cards, I'm pretty sure I passed it. 

Anywho, they are in and they match the wedding invitations. When I ordered the wedding invitations I did it on site, the thank you cards I did online since I already knew the colors, font and sizing. So they came in the mail the other day, but no envelopes! Ha! Oh my! 

Time to personalize the thank you cards, everyone who attended was so sweet and happy to be there with us. It is my goal to write a special note to everyone. Thank goodness our guest list was small.  

Besides the no envelopes little hiccup, all is well, oh and our photos are in... We have to pick our photos for the album and for our enlargements. We are so excited. I am not sure how we will ever decide. However, our web gallery is so nice, it allows you to create folders. I am thinking I will create two: Must have & Could live without. Hopefully that will work out. We also want to make sure we get a good variety of photos from throughout the day and not forget special events or photos with important people. 

I want to share all of the photos but I want to share them in some order! I'll be back, until then... 

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Oh, hello there Monday. I worked this past Friday, so the weekend went pretty quickly for me! We had an event filled weekend, but very little photos to show. Since we have been vlogging a lot more lately, most of my weekend recap will be on our vlog channel, YouTube.com/fiveminutesandus

We celebrated Camila's 6th birthday, she is my very opinionated niece who knows what she wants. She wanted an Elsa party, with no pink decorations, a magician and chocolate cake. Boy did we deliver. Jose and I ended up playing with all of the kids and we had a fabulous time. We played Happy Happy Birthday (instead of Duck Duck Goose), Red Light Green Light, Freeze Tag, Stuck in the Mud, Limbo, London Bridge is Falling down and probably a thousand other games. We vlogged ofcourse, and there are a lot of funny clips of Jose especially messing with the kiddos! The vlog will be on #FiveMinutesandUs later today! Subscribe now so you don't miss it! 


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I was waiting to figure out a system as to what to share (and in what order) from the wedding, but today, I heard our first dance song and it just made me so happy. Let me know what you'd like to read about next. 

We don't have our photos back yet, here are two of the many iPhone photo's our friends shared with us after the wedding. 

One of the easiest things to do for the wedding was pick our first dance song, mostly because I left it up to Jose. I knew he would deliver perfectly, and he sure did. Jose sent over YouTube videos every so often for me to listen to. I wanted him to pick the song, so for each song that I listened to I said it was beautiful. Then we listened to Never Stop, by Safetysuit. I felt in my heart that was our song. We chose it. A little while later, Jose kept playing Thinking Outloud by Ed Sheeran, & it became my obsession. We switched our first dance song to that. 

As time passed, I sort of "forgot" about Never Stop and never really heard it anywhere. Thinking out loud, however, was being played all over the place, on the radio, at parties, I even saw it in a few blogposts as the first dance song. I think I heard it enough when a few friends who went to two different weddings snap chatted (is that a thing?) the bride and groom's first dance and guess what their song was, Thinking Outloud. 

Even though I loved and still love the song, I quickly fell out of love with it for our first dance. We went back to our first choice, listened to it once more and it was much more beautiful than before. 

When we went to finalize the details with our DJ, Dave Riley (which by the way if you live in the Boston area, he was fabulous before, during and after our wedding), we decided to use one for our first dance and the other for our last dance. I wanted to make sure I could change my mind if I wanted to, and he was super patient with us! 

Never Stop by Safetysuit was our first dance, I'll share some of my favorite lyrics in the song: 

I'll never stop trying 
I'll never stop watching as you leave
I'll never stop losing my breath 
Every time I see you looking back at me 

I'll never stop holding your hand
I'll never stop opening your door
I'll never stop choosing you babe
I'll never get used to you 

I could literally write down the lyrics to the whole song I love it so much. You have to listen to the song, and picture yourself dancing with your partner and just listen to the words. 

Thinking out Outloud by Ed Sheeran, was our last dance. We originally said we would dance the last song just us, however, once we got into it Jose invited everyone to the dance floor to dance with us. It was a beautiful way to end our celebration, everyone who stayed 'til the very end danced with us and it was perfect. 

I won't even get into the feeling I had dancing the last song. It was waves full of different emotions rushing through me... 
"I'm married"
"It's over, but not really, it's just starting"
"Time to go" 
"What a relief, all that planning"
"It went great"
"How handsome is my husband"

Ha! So much went through my mind during those very last few minutes. It was beautiful, and it was magical! 

What's next? Invitations? Favors? The venue!? Oh my, the people at the venue! I'll stop, I can get off topic quick! 

Happy Wedding Wednesday! 

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