Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I got major inspiration from Katie for this post. Let's be honest, she's super fab and I wish I could be her. Go check her out and tell her I said hi! She posted about her favorite phone apps a while back and admitted to being addicted to her iPhone-aren't we all? 

In support of Katie's iPhone obsession I decided to share my favorite apps at the moment...

I had a different account a while back but forgot the log in information and started a new one. I like it so much more now that my young and very cool cousin showed me how to use the filters on it! Let's follow each other! My username is Vero_Var

Basically it's like Facebook for runners. I know what you're thinking, "You run?" Haha... I try. This app allows me to share my walks or runs with my friends and we can cheer each other on!

This app is the best! I can easily send my photos to my Walgreens account and have different folders. I can also print right from my phone or from the folders, I can also make cards! Fabulous for those times that I've forgotten a holiday or a celebration! Fast and easy!

I'm sure you're sick of hearing about Ebates. Do you already use it? If you do, isn't it awesome? You're shopping online and you're getting cash back on the purchases you're making? Ohhhh, you don't already have Ebates? Here's a quick post I wrote a while ago about it. Sign up now using my link and we both win!

Lastly, I couldn't leave Instagram out! I recently switched my profile to private, but here is a look inside my insta! I post photos of my nails (#VeroSaysNails) pretty often, recently lots of photos from the wedding and leading up to the wedding! Follow me!

I love other apps too, I day I just wanted to share a quick five! What are your favorite apps? 


  1. I love Ebates, didn't know they had an app! Instagram is my favorite, I just enjoy looking at pictures so much ;)

  2. I love me some Ebates!!!
    I've had a SnapChat for awhile, but NEVER, I mean never use it! LOL!

  3. I've never heard of Runkeeper! I use MapMyRun but I don't like that it has to eat up data while I'm (slowly) running around. Have you tried both? Also want to look at Ebates! I use Ibotta and Checkout51 for grocery rebates


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