Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh, hi there lovely people of the internet. How have you been? I have obviously been MIA, staying very busy. It's been a busy past few weeks, and it continues to be pretty busy. 

This past weekend we: 
-Saw the florist
-Shopped for Emily's wedding day shoes Emily
-Went to her usual Gymnastics class
-Saw the Easter bunny
-Did a little bit of Sephora shopping
-Lazily watched Honey, I shrunk the kids on Sunday morning
-Celebrated my soon to be (officially) nephew's 15th birthday with dinner and a very well deserved stop at Richardson's for ice cream

These were the only photos I took: 
(& actually, I only took the ice cream photo, Emily and the Easter bunny is thanks to Jose, I was too busy making sure the photographer got a nice shot haha)

What were you up to over the weekend? 

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