Thursday, March 19, 2015

I am thankful for the guy at Michael's. I remember reading his name tag before I walked away but right now I can't even think of it. I'm sorry. We were shopping for frames. Mint frames to be specific. As usual I was on the hunt for something inexpensive as we needed a total of 4 frames-1 8X10 and 3 5X7. We found some that were really nice but not the right mint. So we asked the guy that works in the frames department. He gave us the great idea (can't believe I didn't think of it) of making them ourselves. What? A DIY? This whole time we have been deciding and planning for the wedding I never thought of doing anything DIY. It was genius. 

So, thank you, guy at Michael's! 

We purchased the 4 frames and the mint color paint. We went with a chalk finish to keep the frames matte. We are not done with them, we are thinking of "roughing"
them up a bit. What's the correct DIY term for that? 

So, are you a DIY fanatic/expert/lover? I love the thought of doing things myself but I usually go with pre finished. I am super excited, however, to do these for our wedding. It will be something done by us and we will definitely keep them to display our wedding photos. Also, the beauty of it is, if we decide we don't want the mint anymore we can paint over it! 

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