Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I don't want to limit this post by labeling it Valentine's Day Date Ideas, anyone can use these ideas for ANY time of the year. It just so happens that Valentine's day is around the corner and I have been inspired to take a few notes on some pretty ideas for a date for you and your hunny or friend. 

So, I am sharing some inexpensive super fun date ideas: 

1. Go back to the place you met. If you met "online" like Jose and I did, go back to the place where you had your first date or met for the first time in person. 

2. Rent a movie, buy popcorn and dim the lights. Get off social media and be present. 

3. Search for an indoor mini golf place. Jose and I love to go mini golfin' in the warmer months. The other day we went with a few friends to this place called Monster Mini Golf (it's glow in the dark), it was super fun! Next time, we'll go alone. 

4. Go out for a night stroll. Ok, maybe if you live in Boston like we do, it's super cold. Bundle up and go anyway, it'll give you the chance to run back home and cuddle up to get warm. 

5. Find a new series to binge watch together, and don't worry about not being able to finish it all in one day. Promise to not watch an episode until you're together again and make it your show to watch together. 

6. Look for a recipe you've never done before, buy the ingredients and cook together. Pour some wine if you're into that, grab a beer or pour yourself some lemonade (what Jose and I would do) and enjoy creating something together. 

7. Be a tourist! I bet your city has lots to explore and you have yet to see all of it. That's the case for us, we live in Boston, tons of history, and we have yet to discover everything the city has to offer. 

8. DIY Paint Night. I know you've seen it. Tons of Groupons for a paint night, have your own. Jose and I did a few nights ago. We vlogged it too, see here.

9. Have a fun and simple mini photo shoot together. Set up your timer on your camera, take some sweet photos and print them out!  

In order to make this list appeal to several people I decided to ask some of my friends who will remain anonymous. 

-My over 30 and single male friend suggested to rent a hot air balloon or a Yatch. I did ask him to keep it inexpensive and he probably forgot it is about 20* in Boston. He probably wishes he were somewhere far away as well. He would also love a ring pop at the end of the night. 

-My recent graduate, barely legal male friend suggested an ice skating date! 

-My over 30 single female doctor friend says she hasn't celebrated Valentine's day in years and quality time is all she really looks for. 

-My stay at home mom friend says her perfect Valentine's day would be dinner at a park drinking some wine alone, while her daughter and husband are on a date. Ha! She was kidding of course. She would settle for a manicure and an I love you from her husband. Sweet. 

-A just over 30 year old male dad (part time clown) wants some cheesecake, flowers and chocolates. 

There you have it, some of my ideas for you and your Valentine. What are your plans for Valentine's day? Let me know in the comments below! 



  1. Totally agree with finding a TV show to binge watch together! It's a great excuse for 'together time' - throw in a couple of pizzas too, and it's a perfect night in :)

    Jay x


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