Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Being a nanny is the world's best job. For me it is anyway. I really love the bond I create with my babies. Yes, I call them my babies, because for 4 days a week (I work Monday-Thursday) I am with them more than they are with their parents. 

It's 2015, where women are independent and they not only want a family but they also want a career. So, they go to work everyday. I go to "work" as well. I go to your home and care and nurture for your child while you are away. 

Anywho, I have had my share of families, all very sweet and wonderful people to work for. Unfortunately, this post will contain no cute adorable baby photos for the privacy of my cute chubby babies. 

Here are the 5 things I wish I would have known before I said yes to my first job as a Nanny: 

1. You will fall so very deeply in love with that 4 week old baby, so much that you will cry when they move to California and take their baby with them. 

2. The five year old doesn't know what she's saying when she's screaming "I want my old nanny back!". She will later cry her eyes out, grab on to your legs and beg you to go with her to California. 

Ok, now on to some important things:

3. Snow days are fun, but not so much when the whole school wants to have a playdate- at your families house and by play date they really mean they want to drop off their child for you to take care of while they go take a nap. 

4. Sign a contract, always. Make sure it's detailed. This is your job, yes you love it and it may seem easy to some. It's not, and you deserve to have days off, vacation time etc. Like you would at any other job and as the parents do. 

5. It's ok to say no sometimes. With my very first family, I NEVER said no. Today, I realize it's ok to make personal plans after working hours and say no to your employers when they ask you to stay 3 hours late, 20 minutes before your end time. 

After writing these 5 things I see I have so much more to talk about. For now, let me know about your nanny experiences in the comments section or:




  1. Everyone deserves some "me" time, a job is a job whether your enriching minds or sitting behind a computer. Great post

  2. I honestly thought that this was a wedding list!! Hahaha


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