Thursday, February 19, 2015

I wasn't going to post anything today, all of the wedding planning has me pretty busy. I'm not overwhelmed, yet. I think I have a good system, and a great timeline. I'm just busy, so I planned on not posting. However, I love these flowers so much I wanted to share with you.

Jose sent me flowers to work yesterday. They arrived when I was home because of delivery delays-probably because of all the snow we have gotten! I felt bad because he wanted to surprise me and they were to be delivered at 2pm, they ended up getting there at 7pm! Anywho, aren't they beautiful?

These flowers at this time mean so much more to me... It's a reminder of the love Jose and I share, and of what's to come after our wedding. With all of the wedding planning, I have kept it in the front of my head that I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding. 
I love the planning and although we went for an intimate gathering, there are details I would love to have and treasure forever.

The reality is I can not wait to be your wife and spend the rest of our lives together.  Thank you for the flowers, they are beautiful and I will cherish this feeling!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The snow is taking over Boston, I don't mind it I swear, but it is almost impossible to drive around it. Wish I were somewhere warm right now, like Puerto Rico, that would make me really happy, I'm not though. So instead, I'll share 30 things that make me happy. In no particular order:

Warm socks 
Wedding planning 
Crispy grass 
Skinny Jeans 
Papa Gino's 
Trench coats
Friday's off 
House window shopping 
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Your turn, what are 30 things that make you happy?


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We finally did it. We upgraded so that four people could watch at the same time. We didn't need it for a long time. We only let Emily watch certain programs and usually we watch it with her. However, with all of the snow, we found ourselves wanting to watch our own show on Sunday after being stuck indoors all day. We all layed next to each other, Emily enjoyed her Strawberry Shortcake, I watched Vampire Diaries and Jose searched for a new show to watch. We also share our subscription with my mom, so four screens will be better for sure.

Today, I thought I would share some shows I have watched as I'm almost done with my current obsession, Vampire Diaries.  

I've watched: 
Prison Break 
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill
Pretty Little Liars
The Tudors 
Orange is the New Black 

I'm watching:
Grey's Anatomy- I really like it. It reminds me of SVU, just change the cops to doctors. 
Vampire Diaries-Tried to make this the show to watch with Jose, didn't work. Absolutely the one for you to binge watch while your guy is busy. 

I tried:
Breakin Bad-I just couldn't keep watching. 
The Walking Dead-🙈
Lost-Someone ruined the ending and we stopped watching. 
What are you watching? Let me know in the comments section below! 




Monday, February 16, 2015

Just about everyone on my social media went to see the 50 Shades of Grey movie. My weekend was 50 Shades of Grey free, I'm not saying I won't go see it, it's just wasn't on my to do list. Have you seen the movie? What did you think of it? 

We celebrated Valentine's day at home with Emily and some friends. We set up a craft table for Emily and her friends to make their own Valentine's and we had a cupcake decorating station. Let's not forget the wonderful gifts for the kiddos in the pink containers I found at the Target $1 isle.  

Emily and I made Jose our own Valentine's, they came out super pretty. We usually don't buy each other things for Valentine's day but secretly we each found perfect gifts for each other without spending a ton of money and without the crazy stress the "holiday" usually puts on people. A few weeks ago, we were at Target looking for a new comforter and Jose saw a football, we skipped it as there is too much snow to play football outside. I decided to go ahead and get it so he can be ready once all of the snow melts. I packaged it in a Valentine's day box and added a super cool SuperMan hat and a gift card to his favorite place in the world, Buffalo Wild Wings. It was funny because I am not a fan of BWW, reason number one why I got it for him. One of my favorite places to eat is Papa Ginos but Jose isn't a fan, but he got me pizza for lunch and a gift card for another day. Great minds think alike. Let's not forget the Dunkin donuts gift cards, I'll have Valentine's day coffee for weeks! Part of Jose's Valentine's gift for me was this beautiful shade of mint by Sally Hansen. It's from their gel collection, the color is B-Girl. Now, let's hope my nails stop breaking so easily. This color totally is against my #PinkNailsEveryday for this month, but it was too pretty to not use. I'll be back to pink soon to finish off the month-#VeroSaysNails. 

How was your weekend? What did you end up doing for Valentine's day? If you went out for dinner on Saturday how were the restaurants? Full? Crazy crowds? Have you seen "THE" movie? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

I'm pretty sure the last time I wrote in a diary I was 13 and my life was "horrible" because of high school teen drama. So happy those days are over! Ha!

I'm feeling good, it's been a crazy past few months, with Christmas, the New Year and a ton of snow to shovel. Planning this wedding had been on the back burner before the New Year, but that changed as soon as the clock hit 12 on January 1st. 

Yesterday, my friends, we booked our DJ! Wait. What? Did I just write that? We are really super excited to have something off the list, so excited I really wanted to share with you! 

I am planning on sharing our list of vendors once we have all of them, for now, shout hooray for us! 

Your turn, what would you write in your diary today!? Let's chat! 

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Today, I am sharing my Valentine's day dotticure mani. I thought I would share because it is fairly simple to do. Sometimes the easiest things seem complicated when there are no step by step directions. I really love this mani as the colors you choose will change it's look completely. Depending on the season or holiday you can have a completely new mani. Inspired by Nailstorming as usual, I did it with blue as well and loved how it came out. I also did it with different shades of pinks for breast cancer awareness but only posted on my Instagram, be sure to use #VeroSaysNails to see my other manicure's. Lastly, I am using only pink polishes this month, use #PinkNailsEveryday to join me in the fun! 

Yesterday, I shared my Top 9 Inexpensive Date Ideas for you and your hunny or for you and your friends, I also included some ideas from some anonymous friends, let me know what you think of those. 

On to the Valentine's day inspired Gradient Dotticure: 
Pick the colors you'll want to use for the design, I used 4 different shades of pink and then a white polish. I used my dotting tools but you can also use a toothpick or bobby pin. You'll need a working space, I have been using this lid from an old box for all of my manis, they eventually dry and you can add polish right over it. 

Start off with a clear base, I use Essie's All in one. Start off with the two darkest polishes and add big dots randomly across the tip of you nail, switching to smaller dots towards the cuticle side of the nail.

Do the same with the last three polishes, randomly adding dots until you achieve your desired look. I overlap some colors because I like the way it looks. Add a shiny fast drying top coat to finish off the mani. Right now I am using Julie G's Jet Set. 

These are my essentials for this mani, I have also been loving the Cuticle Glaze by LowCountryLacquer, to treat my cuticles, it smells really good and keeps them hydrated.

So, what did you think? I would love to see your recreations, or what you'll be rocking this Valentine's day. Be sure to tag me on socks media so I could see! 

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I don't want to limit this post by labeling it Valentine's Day Date Ideas, anyone can use these ideas for ANY time of the year. It just so happens that Valentine's day is around the corner and I have been inspired to take a few notes on some pretty ideas for a date for you and your hunny or friend. 

So, I am sharing some inexpensive super fun date ideas: 

1. Go back to the place you met. If you met "online" like Jose and I did, go back to the place where you had your first date or met for the first time in person. 

2. Rent a movie, buy popcorn and dim the lights. Get off social media and be present. 

3. Search for an indoor mini golf place. Jose and I love to go mini golfin' in the warmer months. The other day we went with a few friends to this place called Monster Mini Golf (it's glow in the dark), it was super fun! Next time, we'll go alone. 

4. Go out for a night stroll. Ok, maybe if you live in Boston like we do, it's super cold. Bundle up and go anyway, it'll give you the chance to run back home and cuddle up to get warm. 

5. Find a new series to binge watch together, and don't worry about not being able to finish it all in one day. Promise to not watch an episode until you're together again and make it your show to watch together. 

6. Look for a recipe you've never done before, buy the ingredients and cook together. Pour some wine if you're into that, grab a beer or pour yourself some lemonade (what Jose and I would do) and enjoy creating something together. 

7. Be a tourist! I bet your city has lots to explore and you have yet to see all of it. That's the case for us, we live in Boston, tons of history, and we have yet to discover everything the city has to offer. 

8. DIY Paint Night. I know you've seen it. Tons of Groupons for a paint night, have your own. Jose and I did a few nights ago. We vlogged it too, see here.

9. Have a fun and simple mini photo shoot together. Set up your timer on your camera, take some sweet photos and print them out!  

In order to make this list appeal to several people I decided to ask some of my friends who will remain anonymous. 

-My over 30 and single male friend suggested to rent a hot air balloon or a Yatch. I did ask him to keep it inexpensive and he probably forgot it is about 20* in Boston. He probably wishes he were somewhere far away as well. He would also love a ring pop at the end of the night. 

-My recent graduate, barely legal male friend suggested an ice skating date! 

-My over 30 single female doctor friend says she hasn't celebrated Valentine's day in years and quality time is all she really looks for. 

-My stay at home mom friend says her perfect Valentine's day would be dinner at a park drinking some wine alone, while her daughter and husband are on a date. Ha! She was kidding of course. She would settle for a manicure and an I love you from her husband. Sweet. 

-A just over 30 year old male dad (part time clown) wants some cheesecake, flowers and chocolates. 

There you have it, some of my ideas for you and your Valentine. What are your plans for Valentine's day? Let me know in the comments below! 



Monday, February 9, 2015

Bits and pieces from a snow filled weekend. We had a fabulous weekend getaway last weekend, so this weekend was mostly chill. I started off my Friday with a mom date-my mom, future mother in law and myself went out to breakfast and then wedding day dress shopping for them. It was so much fun. Seriously, aren't they both adorable? My mom is on the right, Jose's mom is obviously on the left.

Best part of Fridays is getting Emily. We played "kitchen" and went shopping for some storage boxes for the bathroom. We also tried a horse for fun and some comfortable chairs for Emily. Emily's gymnastics graduation was on Saturday morning, she got a ribbon. She's on to her medal next. A play date with Isla. I took care of this doll when she was 3 months old. She's so big, smart and beautiful. It's so sweet to be able to see her grow even though I am no longer her nanny. Valentine's day cards! So fun! Emily loves doing all things that scream holiday! She chose Princess and animal cards for her class!

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How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments section below. If you're a blogger as well and are here from the link ups, let me know, it's always nice meeting new bloggers. 



Thursday, February 5, 2015

As I'm writing this post, the enemy has come back. I usually love her, she's white and fluffy, cold but she can be beautiful. Snow. Oh dear snow, where are we going to put you, there really is no space left. 

I usually love the snow, and I don't mind the Winter- but it's my skin's enemy. I am usually dry, but when the Winter rolls around I'm on a whole other level of dry! 

Today, I am sharing the products I have been loving lately to help beat the enemy. 

-I have the big bottle of the Eucerin cream but I like the travel size to take to work with me. I am constantly washing my hands and this just gives them a sense of relief. 

-The Origins Eye cream is so good! It's hydrating and I love how my eye area feels after I use this! 

-Oh holy Bite. I love this stuff. It's super thick and I love to use at night. During the day I use it at extreme times! 

-My Ponds cream is my all time favorite moisturizer for the Winter. I can get away with other creams in the Summer, but I always go to this one for the Winter season. 


What have you been using? Let me know in the comments section below so I can try something new. I've also got this nifty gift card and would love to use it, leave me your suggestions below! 

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Last year I started painting my nails pink every time I changed my polish for the month of February. I'm doing it again this year and you should join me! It'll be fun! Use #PinkNailsEveryday so we could all see the fabulous shades of pinks you love! 

I started off the month with one of my new favorite links, No Bra by Loaded Lacquer

Don't mind my breakage, we've had A LOT of snow and between the shoveling and dryness my nails haven't been the healthiest. 

Use #VeroSaysNails to see more of my manicures. 

Will you be rocking the pink this month? 

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Being a nanny is the world's best job. For me it is anyway. I really love the bond I create with my babies. Yes, I call them my babies, because for 4 days a week (I work Monday-Thursday) I am with them more than they are with their parents. 

It's 2015, where women are independent and they not only want a family but they also want a career. So, they go to work everyday. I go to "work" as well. I go to your home and care and nurture for your child while you are away. 

Anywho, I have had my share of families, all very sweet and wonderful people to work for. Unfortunately, this post will contain no cute adorable baby photos for the privacy of my cute chubby babies. 

Here are the 5 things I wish I would have known before I said yes to my first job as a Nanny: 

1. You will fall so very deeply in love with that 4 week old baby, so much that you will cry when they move to California and take their baby with them. 

2. The five year old doesn't know what she's saying when she's screaming "I want my old nanny back!". She will later cry her eyes out, grab on to your legs and beg you to go with her to California. 

Ok, now on to some important things:

3. Snow days are fun, but not so much when the whole school wants to have a playdate- at your families house and by play date they really mean they want to drop off their child for you to take care of while they go take a nap. 

4. Sign a contract, always. Make sure it's detailed. This is your job, yes you love it and it may seem easy to some. It's not, and you deserve to have days off, vacation time etc. Like you would at any other job and as the parents do. 

5. It's ok to say no sometimes. With my very first family, I NEVER said no. Today, I realize it's ok to make personal plans after working hours and say no to your employers when they ask you to stay 3 hours late, 20 minutes before your end time. 

After writing these 5 things I see I have so much more to talk about. For now, let me know about your nanny experiences in the comments section or:




Monday, February 2, 2015

We have little by little made the White Mountains our home away from home. We have gone every year for Memorial Day weekend and have stayed at a different hotel each time. Watch our last Memorial Day weekend vlog here. It will show you a different side of the White Mountains and how beautiful it is up there in both seasons! 

This year we decided to go earlier than usual and enjoy a trip of snow tubbing at Cranmore

We stayed at the White Mountain Hotel and it was very beautiful. We were surrounded by snow filled mountains. Christmas wreaths were still in full effect and the sunsets each night were stunning. 

Although Emily was not thrilled about the no indoor pool, we were still able to enjoy  our stay. She loved playing chess and checkers at the lobby by the fire, & learned how to play ping pong. She thinks she's a pro now! 

For those who dare to go out, their outdoor pool is heated to 90* for your enjoyment. 

A delicous breakfast was included for both mornings, and the service was fabulous. The staff remembered us by name and were so sweet to Emily. 

We also ventured out to Cafe Noche, a Mexican restaurant with an authentic vibe, food and atmosphere. It was so delicous. 

Our outfits of the day consisted of snow pants and Northface coats to keep warm! For this photo my hat and scarf were drying from the snow tubbing fun we had. 

Since we were decked out in our winter gear, we decided to take a short hike on a trail we visit in the Spring. 

Our vlog will be up tomorrow of our advantures, as we upload on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Be sure to subscribe here so you'll be notified of the upload and can watch me screaming down the hill! 
Don't forget to watch our last Memorial Day weekend up to the White Mountains, here

How was your weekend? We ended ours with a very exciting Super Bowl WIN! 

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