Monday, January 26, 2015

I am so happy to be able to use my blog to help others. Today I am asking for your help. Whether you can help yourself or share this post on your social media in hopes that someone else can help. 

When tragedy strikes, we unite, we help and we comfort. This past Saturday night, as we were getting ready for bed, our lives were changing, without knowing it. What were you doing a few minutes after 8pm? Emily and I were finishing up a snack, Jose was outisde shoveling a little so it wouldn't accumulate. We were headed upstairs when the banging on the door started. Startled, I couldn't imagine who would be banging on our door that way, it wouldn't be Jose as he has keys and wouldn't bang on our door like that. I was frightened as the thoughts ran through my head as to who and why. 

I go to the door, scared, and I saw the next door kids crying and yelling that their house was on fire! I grab my phone and call 911 as fast as my shaking fingers would allow it. It felt like it took the firemen FOREVER to get there, but isn't that how it always feels, when you want something really bad it feels like forever. 

The house was completely lit up, the house next to it caught on fire as well. Both total losses. 

Jose's parents own that home two houses down from where we live. A family of ten lived there-4 adults, 6 children ages 4 months old-14 years old.

You always see it on the news, you never think it could happen to you, although it wasn't our home, it hurts twice because it's Joses' parents house so we are seeing the "after" (paperwork etc) and the family that was renting is like family. They have lived there for so many years and helped with Emily when she was younger.

It is really sad what has happened, but there is hope. In a matter of minutes people were at our door step with donations, food, clothing, jackets, school uniforms...   

This family fan out of their home with fear in their eyes, and watched their home fall apart. They are all ok, and that is the most important thing. Now it's time to rebuild. They ran out with their now only possessions. Some in pajamas, nobody had a coat on, the mom ran out without her shoes, in the snow. They are are homeless, and have the clothes on their backs as their only possessions. 

They have been placed in a hotel for two nights, but re-building will take time and money. To make it a little easier on them we are asking that if you find that you have a little to share, to please do so to their GoFund account. 

We are so thankful for everyone's generosity already, any little bit helps. 

Hope you have a blessed day and stay safe, hug your close ones a little closer today. 

Please go HERE to help. 

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  1. Oh my God. I hadn't heard about this. I'm glad everyone is okay and of course I will help.

  2. Thank you Niki. We appreciate it! It's so sad!



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