Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The nanny wears makeup is back. I love doing these posts because I get to talk about two of my favorite things. Makeup and being a nanny. 

I started my new position a few weeks ago, and everything is going very smoothly. Most of the time, I run out the door with nothing but lip balm on my lips. 

On the days that I wake up with enough time to use a few products... This is what I have been grabbing. 

It's been a battle with the concealer, these are the two I have been switching back and forth with- the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous and Jane concealer. 

I am not worried about super bold and big lashes for work so I have been trying to use up my Rocket Mascara, it gives me very natural looking lashes. 

No color on the brows, just clear gel to keep them in place. 

The Sugar fresh balm has been great these last couple of weeks. It gives me a sheer red color (perfect for this time of the year) and keeps them moisturized. 

Lastly, I have been really enjoying opening up my eyes with the Rimmel liner in nude. 

I'm always interested to see what other people wear for work.. Are you allowed to use more? 

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  1. What a cute series! I stick to the basics when I work too...easy and no fuss. I'm sure I can get away with wearing more makeup, but I just don't feel like it's appropriate, you know what I mean?

  2. Sugar lip products are the best- super hydrating!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. I love these posts. My makeup changes from time to time. No time, foundation & mascara or a little more, foundation, concealer, brows & blush or have tons of time I do everything. :)

  4. I've only tried the Sugar lip -- which I looove -- but go for a similar look when I'm just hanging out :) Nude eyeliner is genius, paired with some concealer it makes you look wide awake!

  5. i'm a nanny too and i'm the only one who wears makeup there! i still do the whole shebang. it gives me practice and makes me feel better. i do it in 20 min. about to start getting ready now!

  6. I like these posts! I use the nude Rimmel liner almost every day too.

  7. Love your picks! I wear pretty natural makeup because I'm not allowed to wear too much at the school I work at, but I like to keep it simple anyways! Lol I usually wear a BB cream, mascara, WW Brule on my kids and mascara! On my lips either a balm like Jordana that stains or a long wearing lipstick in amuse color like Milani's nude cream or naturally chic! Hmm now that I'm typing it, it doesn't sound so simple! Haha. I HAVE to use concealer and I usually go for Benefits "Fake up" unless I'm wearing my frames. Xoxo


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