Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I've watched all the shows and have heard of so many moments when things get ugly during wedding planning. 

Maybe because I have not been on full out wedding planning mode or maybe because I am rather simple and patient. Or so I thought. 

I went to pick up my dress after I got an email letting me know it was ready for pick up. I didn't know I had to do this, for some crazy reason I thought the dress would stay there for fittings until the wedding day. It makes sense now why they wouldn't store it for me. 

I go to pick it up and I'm told I should try it on again. I'm glad I did because I fell in love with it all over again. 

Here we go:
I was told they need to add buttons to my dress to hold up the bussel. 
I don't want to add anything to the dress, the dress is perfect the way it is, no buttons, no way. Find a different way to do it. Vera Wang and buttons, are you kidding? How come I wasn't told before I purchased the dress? Where is she? I'm so mad. 
So many thoughts came to my head in a matter of the two seconds it took them to tell me my dress needs "buttons". 

I feel rather bad now, because I let them know how I felt. Later, my consultant told me not to feel bad as my reaction was "not as bad" as others she's had. 

Today, a few weeks later, I understand the need for the buttons and am sure it will look fine as everyone with that big of a dress needs a bussle. 

That day, I didn't understand a word the lady was telling me, I wasn't having it. I didn't want to hear it. I didn't want to add anything. I even thought of having the dress down for the reception. 

Bridezilla moments they call it. I hope I don't have anymore. I'll call this a VeZilla moment since it could have been worst. 

Sorry, there aren't any pictures in this post, as I don't want to show my dress. My fiancé is my biggest fan and reads my posts. 

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  1. Oh bless you, for a 'Bridezilla' moment it does sound pretty tame. I have heard and seen so many stories of women behaving way worse than that! And to be honest, it is THEE dress. So I think you have a little right to be like that ;)

    Best wishes, Danielle xo


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