Monday, October 6, 2014

Usually, if I have time, I like to change my polish very often. Number one reason why I don't look for durability from a nail polish often. I know I'll be changing it, usually before it starts to look gross. 

When I was on vacation about a month ago I went about 2 weeks with the same polish. Lately, I've made up for that. I've been on a nail polish kick. 

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Here's a round up of my most recent mani's, courtesy of my Instagram account. 

I'm on a serious Loaded Lacquer kick. Recycled my last mani and tried a Halloween design. What do you think? Be nice, I'm not a professional. 

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  1. Those all look so fantastic!!!
    I love the white nails but I can never get it 'clean' enough & it just looks like a kid playing in white out

  2. I love all of these- I am so jealous of your perfect nails! They're always so shaped and gorgeous :)

  3. I love your nail shape, they always look so good!

  4. I always love your nails!!! Totally in love with the pink and purple and glitter combo!!!

  5. Love all of these! I've seriously been wanting to get my hands on Julie G nail polishes, but I don't live near anywhere that sells them.

  6. I envy your nails...sigh.
    These are all so pretty!

  7. Such gorgeous colours!! Your nails are absolutely perfect! :)
    Yours Truly, NY


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