Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hey guys! 

I'm staring at the screen and not exactly sure where to start. Well, I was on vacation and getting back has been a little hard. I am surprised we unpacked. 

Vacation was wonderful, it was so nice to get away and have some time to see new places and give Emily the Disney experience, it was also nice to see some family. 

It's been a little hard to get back into things. My office is a wreck, I would really like to get it together but I have so much homework to do. Ha! I tried to keep up with it while on vacation and I did great, it sort of went down hill on Sunday when we got home. 

I'll get it together, I always do. In fact, I'm in a mission tonight. Until I do get it together, I don't have any blogs. I do however have several vlogs coming your way from our vacation. We did not vlog every single day not every moment because we really wanted to have a nice time, but we managed to get great videos for us to have and share with you. 

Be sure to watch our latest blog on FiveMinutesandUs, the link is YouTube.com/FiveMinutesandUs 

Let us know what you think in the comments section below! 


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