Monday, September 22, 2014

I have a good man by my side. I sometimes post on my social media how awesome he is. I try not to overload because then I feel like I'm a "show off" or people will think I'm a showing off (they are probably jealous, I'm kidding, or am I?)

I see some people post about their partners on social media and I think it's wonderful, others I know think it's tacky or like you're trying to compensate for something- but I am proud. 

I love you Jose Pena. Ladies and gentlemen, my MAN CRUSH EVERYDAY haha! 

Hope you enjoyed the picture overload. The very first photo was the first photo we took together. I love sharing everyday with you. I love you everyday. 



  1. Girl, I love this. I think- it's your space and you share exactly what you want :)

  2. Awwwww. You know sometimes I think the same on my end. Like I showing off or down thing but people who truly care about you will appreciate that you have a good man by your side-that's the way I see it. Love all the pictures. Glad you are happy and that he takes care of you. Above all, he keeps you laughing along with the rest of us

  3. I love you Vero! You're my rock and my better half! You deserve to be treated like a queen!!👑


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