Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall is by far my favorite season, for multiple reasons, though I really just need one. I love the weather change, the colors, the clothing you get to wear, the activities and the waiting for the most magical time of the year... 

Every year I try to get a lot things done during the Fall season. Here is this years bucket list, if you want to see last year's click here.

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-Go on a Hayride 
-Witch's Woods 
We already have a day planned to go in group! It's basically a few haunted houses in one location. They also have the hayride! 
-Visit Salem 
Salem, MA is SPOOK-tacular all year round, but especially in October. 
-Pumpkin Picking 

-Apple Picking 

-Carve and decorate a pumpkin 
Looking forward to doing this with Emily. 
-Watch a High School football game
I love supporting the kids. I don't know anyone playing this year but I think it would be fun to bundle up and sit on the bleachers and enjoy a game. 
-Drink hot cocoa
I'm a huge coffee drinker these days. My goal is to have one hot cup of cocoa, bundled up watching a movie. 
-Go for a Fall scenic drive 
You know those beautiful Fall scenic photos all over social media.. We are on the hunt to find a beautiful place where we can enjoy a scenic view. If you know of any places near the Boston area please let me know down below. 
-Celebrate my birthday 
October 27th, that's all. 
-Run a 5K 
More info here
-Have a scary movie date 
I'm not a fan of scary movies.
-Give thanks 
I need to bring back the thankful posts. 
-Continue wedding planning 
The wedding is on it's way and not much has been planned. That needs to change. 

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  1. Fall is my favourite season too. Hot chocolate, scary/halloween movies. Ex Halloweentown, I love them as a kid. Happy Birthday to! October babies. :) Good luck on your 5k.

  2. That's such a great little family photo of the three of you! Love how festive it is with the pumpkins-- and I love your list-- I want to enjoy fall this year before it goes by as quickly as the rest of the year has!


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