#100SUMMERMILES-The end is near

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hey guys! I am so excited to be back with this update because I am so close!! Thank you so much for following along with me through this journey! I loved being motivated I am thinking about keeping up with the run in into Fall... I'll keep you updated on that..!  

I wanted to quickly mention that I am running a 5K on October 12th at Break-heart in Saugus Massachusetts. If you are at all interested please leave me your email in the comments section and I will send you over the information. I would love to have a reader or a blogger friend participate and that could double as meeting you as well! It is for a good cause, here is the link with more information-Boston Wounded Veterans race.  To quickly register go here

#100SummerMiles update, here we go: 

Thursday the 11th I ran 2.70miles with the #Pena5K, the before and the after. 

Monday the 15th I walked 1.85miles in the AM. 

Tuesday the 16th I walked 2.02 miles in the AM and later that night ran 3.10 with Jose.

Wednesday I walked 2.00miles in the AM. 

That brings me to a total of 98.96 as of yesterday morning. 
Here is the info from my Nike app:

Recently, I started to use the RunKeeper app so I am making the switch but thought I would add my miles to the Nike app just to finish off this series. 

I need 1.04miles to finish ofd my goal. I am walking this AM my usual 2Miles and the. Going to the #Pena5K tonight to do my usual 2.70miles. I will be well over my 100 miles before Summer goal..! 

So excited to have started this with Kendwy and finishing it off.. Stay tune next week for my last update and a little surprise! 

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  1. Excellent work Vero!

    I have exactly 3 miles left to complete my #100SUMMERMILES; so... I'll have to run .3 miles past the finish line!

    You guys can run with me and cheer me on!

  2. Vero you rock! Your dedication motivates me to try for the next round. Oh and the guy in the Xavarian t shirt looks cool, feel like everyone should follow him on Google and Insta HMM3584

  3. Due to my work schedule, I've been running/jogging at night (9pm and after). I'm thinking about forming the 617 Night Owl Running Club!

  4. Awesome job Vero super proud of you


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