Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall is by far my favorite season, for multiple reasons, though I really just need one. I love the weather change, the colors, the clothing you get to wear, the activities and the waiting for the most magical time of the year... 

Every year I try to get a lot things done during the Fall season. Here is this years bucket list, if you want to see last year's click here.

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-Go on a Hayride 
-Witch's Woods 
We already have a day planned to go in group! It's basically a few haunted houses in one location. They also have the hayride! 
-Visit Salem 
Salem, MA is SPOOK-tacular all year round, but especially in October. 
-Pumpkin Picking 

-Apple Picking 

-Carve and decorate a pumpkin 
Looking forward to doing this with Emily. 
-Watch a High School football game
I love supporting the kids. I don't know anyone playing this year but I think it would be fun to bundle up and sit on the bleachers and enjoy a game. 
-Drink hot cocoa
I'm a huge coffee drinker these days. My goal is to have one hot cup of cocoa, bundled up watching a movie. 
-Go for a Fall scenic drive 
You know those beautiful Fall scenic photos all over social media.. We are on the hunt to find a beautiful place where we can enjoy a scenic view. If you know of any places near the Boston area please let me know down below. 
-Celebrate my birthday 
October 27th, that's all. 
-Run a 5K 
More info here
-Have a scary movie date 
I'm not a fan of scary movies.
-Give thanks 
I need to bring back the thankful posts. 
-Continue wedding planning 
The wedding is on it's way and not much has been planned. That needs to change. 

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Monday, September 29, 2014

What a fabulous bag this month. I really loved everything in the bag but I'm only keeping 1 of the 5 items. I am trying this new thing called not hoarding products I won't use up. So if you'd like to enter to win these goodies be sure to follow the rules on rafflecopter down below.
I'm also including a few extras as a surprise. 

Be sure to watch my unbagging here.

Also, if you're interested in signing up for your own Ipsy bag, you can click here and use my referral link to do so. If you sign up with my link you can start getting your monthly bag and I get Ipsy points for referring a friend. You can later refer friends as well.

Two easy mandatory rules to enter: 
1. Follow this blog on GFC on the right hand side of this page. 
2. Follow my YouTube channel. 

Here is what I got this month: 

There will be a few extra products as a surprise. 

Please follow the rules on the rafflecopter. Only two steps are mandatory, enter the rest for additional entries. The goodies will arrive in the September Ipsy bag.

I am not responsible for shipment after it is shipped. 
No giveaway accounts. 
Must be 18 or older. 

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer is officially over. You are probably tired of hearing people say that or something along those lines, on just about every social media outlet. It's something that just has to be said, or maybe it's a god way to start a post. Whatever the reasonay be, it's true... Summer is over and so is our #100SummerMiles challenge.

Be sure to visit Kendwy as she has tons of photos on her post from people who participated in the challenge.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and cheered us all on. I completed my goal of 100 miles and am now continuing to run as much as possible and with the #Pena5K.

I have completed miles after I finished my goal but I am now using a different app. Find me on RunKeeper, it's like Facebook for runners. Try searching me with my email vvarg295@gmail.com. 

On to the prize: 

People who participated in the challenge by using  #100SummerMiles on Instagram. 

Here is the winner from the challenge! 

 Follow her fitness account and let her know she won! :) LibGetsFit

See you next Summer! 


LOADED LACQUER- No Bra & Coconut

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

With time I have learned that it is very important to be nice to people and when working with people to provide excellent customer service. It is also very important to let people know where they can find excellent customer service. That's what I am doing today.

(Today, I am linking up with Shanna for Random Wesnesday!)

I can't remember how I started to follow Heather on Instagram, but I did before her shop was open. I was so happy for her because she was just so sweet on social media, and we could genuinely see her passion for creating polish. 

She finally launched her polishes on LoadedLacquer.com and I made my first purchase. You can see some of the polishes if you use #VeroSaysNails on Instagram

Well, she made more colors and collections, (these two I believe are from The Jiggles) one that I completely fell in love with was the shade Coconut. It was sold out, every time I tried to purchase it, I was too late. Then she came out with the Nude Trio, oh my goodness.. I fell in love with No Bra, because well, duh! 

I finally got to her site on her restock day and ordered both of them. They came in.

I want to share how they came in the mail because Heather is so attentive to detail and so very generous with her handwritten notes. 

According to the nail polish police these are not Fall appropriate, but they are very much Veronica appropriate. These are super creamy polishes, they are absolutely beautiful neutral shades that I am particularly drawn to all year long.

I did two coats of both of them, I think I can get away with doing three thin coats the next time. If I had to choose between these two, No Bra is my favorite. 
I love a good soft pink! 

These are a definitely must buy. Heather is very sweet and I love her customer service and her attention to detail. She handwrites notes on the order form and wraps the polishes in bubble wrap with a handwritten tag that says Handmade for Veronica. I know she writes these on everyone's orders, but it sure did make me feel super special. 

Let me know down in the comments section if you wear any color you want at any time of the year. Also, let me know if you have tried Loaded Lacquer and what you think of them? If you don't have any Loaded Lacquer, let me know which of these is your favorite, the soft white or pink? 



Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Fall from us to you. Well, maybe just from me... Jose is upset Summer is over and doesn't like the colder weather. I on the other hand, love Fall to the max. I love the different weather, the cozier clothing, the Fall activities- including apple picking and my birthday.  

I am looking forward to a few Fall inspired posts coming up, be sure to follow on Bloglovin  so you could be notified when they go live. 

We went to Connors Farm on Sunday with the family, thank you Michael for this photo. 

If you're interested in seeing our day, FiveMinutesandUs

Click here for our latest vlog---> IS THIS ILLEGAL? STALKER AT THE FARM! 

Are you excited about Fall? Or sad about Summer ending? Let me know in the comments section! 

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Monday, September 22, 2014

I have a good man by my side. I sometimes post on my social media how awesome he is. I try not to overload because then I feel like I'm a "show off" or people will think I'm a showing off (they are probably jealous, I'm kidding, or am I?)

I see some people post about their partners on social media and I think it's wonderful, others I know think it's tacky or like you're trying to compensate for something- but I am proud. 

I love you Jose Pena. Ladies and gentlemen, my MAN CRUSH EVERYDAY haha! 

Hope you enjoyed the picture overload. The very first photo was the first photo we took together. I love sharing everyday with you. I love you everyday. 


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