Thursday, August 7, 2014

So incredibly hard to believe that this is my third update for the #100SummerMiles.
I have exceeded my weekly goal and am looking forward to reading about your update.
Please link up with Kendwy and I or let us know in the comments section your update. You could also use #100SummerMiles on social media so we could see and cheer you on! 

Thursday: Our #Pena5K was pretty big! Thank you Kendwy for bringing the crew! 
I actually almost died this day. I was so close to finishing off strong when I got the sudden urge to stop and fall to the ground. Apparently you're supposed to be very hydrated to run, this day I wasn't. I had the most painful cramp I have ever had. Jose didn't waste a second to take a photo of me after I recovered-Fixing my hair and drinking water. I know, scary! Ha! 

Monday: I walked 2.65

I walked 1.65 in the AM & went home "ready" to run with Jose. I got another huge cramp, also because I was dehydrated. So we walked another 3 miles instead.

My weekly goal is to complete 12 miles. I have been averaging 20 miles per week, this week I completed 11.97 miles.

My total miles as of yesterday: 53.65

This update is for Thursday, July 31- Wednesday August 6.

Meet your hosts Kendwy & myself! 
We took a selfie at last week's #Pena5K. 

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  1. Oh my! Be careful! I have learned through the years how important hydration is to a body! Keep tipping up that water bottle!

  2. Congrats on all those miles! Staying hydrated is super important. I used to get what I called a "phantom baby bump" on long runs and I had no clue why (I seriously looked like 6 months pregnant for like 30 mins after running)... Turns out it was from not being hydrated. Weird! Thanks for hosting this awesome link-up!

  3. Drink, drink, drink! I didn't get to see you in your state of despair. I would have freaked out. You poor thing. You have so many miles! So awesome Vero!


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