Wednesday, July 2, 2014


To start off my morning I always have a medium hot regular from Dunkin Donuts. 
I forgot to get a picture of it but it made an appearance in the vlog. 

After I have my coffee I always have a glass of water and my breakfast. I usually have 
oatmeal for breakfast, this morning I had a fruit salad- banana, plum, and mango. 

This day was the day of "usually".. I usually have leftovers for lunch or something from 
home, but I forgot to, so I had Panera. A chicken ceaser salad to be exact. I didn't know 
you could order a half salad so that's what I did. 

Again, usually for dinner we have food at home on weekdays, this day Jose's brother 
invited us out to dinner. We went to Texas Road House. I had peanuts, a ceaser salad, 
and the 8oz sirloin steak with fries, not many fries were eaten. 

I have all of my meals with water, on the rate occasion I will have a lemonade, 
but today was just water and coffee. 

What did you eat today? Anything super delicious? Let me know in the comments 
section below. 

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  1. Ugh you eat so healthy...ish lol. I'm jells. I want steak now. At 3 am.

  2. That steaks looks pretty amazing, I haven't had a steak in a while! I eat a lot of "rabbit food" as my husband calls it haha, I like salads!


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