Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I went dress shopping for the first time! It was pretty awesome. I obviously am not going to share many pictures for obvious reasons, but here are some from all of the excitement. 

This is no particular dress I simply took a selfie with a random dress because I was so excited to be there. 

Here is one I thought looked so pretty with my engagement ring... So pretty. 

I didn't cry, am I supposed to cry? Is it awesome that my momma cried when she saw me in her favorite gown? Emily also loved my mom's favorite dress.. I loved it as well, however, after seeing it in photo's it isn't THE ONE. I cropped the picture because you could clearly see the neckline of the dress with some detail. 

Do you know of any places I should visit for more bridal gown shopping? I loved two of the four dresses I tried on but I didn't fall head over heels either one. I definitely want to see and try on more. 

I can't wait for my sister in law to come home this July so she could go with me. 

Let me know your experience with bridal gown shopping down below, I could use all of your input, words of inspiration etc. 

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  1. How exciting! I didn't really do much wedding dress shopping since I was preggers, but it was a little fun. Your momma is so cute!

  2. idk if they have a bridal warehouse where you live. but they have some freaken cute dresses there!

  3. Yay for dress shopping!! I didn't cry either so it's okay! Can't wait to see what you choose one day - I know it will be beautiful :)


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